14th Mar 2008, 22:10

The oil consumption problem is actually designed into the motor to allow the top ring to receive lubrication. Saturn couldn't figure out how to do it without burning oil. This oil consumption problem can also be solved by rebuilding the engine and replacing the sleeves with tapered sleeves. The original sleeves aren't tapered. And with 5W30 oil, tapered would allow for a tighter fit and no oil consumption. Of course you could rebuild the head and have the oil holes ported which will allow 10W-40 oil to be used instead of 5W30. The tiny oil holes are the reason for such thin oil. These two things will eliminate oil consumption. As for the alternator, the wire that goes from the alternator to the starter is a fuseable link, which means it gradually becomes less conductive and more resistive. The resistance causes heat to build up in the alternator and it to eventually fail. Replace the wire with a part from a GMC or chevrolet, that is not fuseable. This will breathe life into your electrical system. you won't believe the difference. Bright lights, loud radio, peppy acceleration..ect..amazing.


8th Jul 2008, 10:42

We have a 1997 Saturn SL2 that was in two accidents in 2001. Each time it was repaired well. The exhaust manifold just popped off this Saturday. I'm afraid that I will have to buy a whole new exhaust system. The oil burning I just noticed after eleven years. We used to change every three thousand miles, but that stopped about a year ago.

4th Apr 2010, 06:31

The O2 sensor problem you have might be the result of loose connections.

The ground connections for the O2 sensors are on the back of the engine block, under the #4 intake runner. They are a small bunch of wires with ring connectors on the ends, and attach to a small mounting boss on the engine with a single 10mm bolt. With the air intake hose removed, they can actually be seen looking down from the driver's side of the vehicle.

Because the O2 sensor is so sensitive to current flow, you will pop a code for the O2 sensor if these connections are loose or dirty. A leaking valve cover gasket can foul the connection enough to throw a code. Clean the ring connectors and make sure they are attached tightly, and the code may stop popping. Worked for me!

24th Feb 2011, 13:03

The oil consumption problem is related to the use of low tension oil ring. To reduce friction in the engine, to save gas, Saturn engineer used that type of oil control ring. You can pour in the engine a chemical you buy from the dealer. First the plugs must be removed, add the stuff and then let soak the stuff in the engine for a couple of hours. Turn the engine plugs removed, then reinstall the plugs start the engine. Et voila.

It's not working all the time depending what is your problem, but for a few bucks it's a safe bet.