29th Jun 2006, 13:37

The person had made the first comment is wrong, he has an SL because if you have an SL2 you would have power windows, locks, and mirrors. A power seat is not availiable on this S-Series. So the person has an SL not an SL2.

6th Sep 2006, 22:22

I wrote the review, and I can guarantee you that it is an SL2. I know my cars quite well, especially the ones I own, and am not just some schlump that can't tell an SL1 from an SL2.

I know for a fact that my car is an SL2 because:

-It has the simulated tail lamps on the trunk lid

-It has a DOHC engine, the SL1 has a SOHC

-The gearing is shorter than any SL1 I've ever driven

-The steering is tighter than any SL1 I've ever driven

-It has an oil life monitor, which is standard on an SL2 and I am pretty sure is unavailable on an SL1 (and, by the way, doesn't work all that well)

And yes, the car does have manual crank windows. There is a chance it may have been a special order, but it is still an SL2.

As for how the car is doing, it has survived a few minor accidents, but is still running beautifully and is darn close to 100,000 miles.

A problem that has arose is that the paint is chipping quite badly on the front of the car, for no apparent reason, on both the plastic fenders and steel hood. Luckily it is silver, so it is not too noticeable, but is still unacceptable for a four year old car.

8th Sep 2006, 07:30

To back up the last comment: SL2 and SC2 models were most definitely available without power accessories.

9th Sep 2007, 18:45

If nothing else... perhaps the original poster could at least look at his/her title...

16th Oct 2007, 18:20

In the 2002 models, Saturn downgraded their standard options for the last of the SL2's, removing power windows as standard equipment. Don't ask me why they expected customers to pay more for less, but they certainly did!

That was one of the things that turned me off to the company initially, and I've remained skeptical ever since.

29th Nov 2007, 19:54

Well, personally, I prefer cars with manual door locks and windows, as they usually never need replacing, and I never need a key fob in my pocket to get into my car. I wonder what people have to go through to get into their car if they happen to break their key fob.

28th Dec 2007, 20:38

Just bought a used 2002 SL1 for my daughter. Has 81K orginal miles and is very clean. Did a carfax on title. I'm the 2nd owner.

Just been a couple of weeks since buying. No complaints so far. Seems to be a good car for a a kid going off to college.

Sometimes you get what you buy. I feel that I bought a good used car at a decent price.