7th May 2008, 10:56

A followup to this original post: I retired my Saturn at 298,000 estimated miles, thanks to a trucker on the interstate who made an improper lane-change, which totalled the car. Luckily, I wasn't injured. Prior to the accident, there was nothing mechanically wrong with the car, except for a slight manual transmission shudder. I miss it already! I'm currently looking for a slightly newer Saturn with less miles that I can use for commuting, now that gas has reached $3.60 a gallon, but I'm having no luck so far.

19th May 2008, 22:43

I completely agree with the first comment. I bought a 1995 Saturn SL with a 5 speed. Ran strong for as long as I had it and that's saying something. I have ran many cars into the ground and the Saturn is one of the ones that wouldn't break. I redlined it in every gear every day. I ramped it 2 times a day at about 95 miles an hour on my way back from school. I did powerstalls (burnout in one place) as long as I could keep my foot on the gas pedal. I drifted it every day on gravel and pavement. I did reverse 180s all the time.

Out of all the stupid things I had done the car, it still ran perfect and never made me do anything except put numerous sets of tires on it and do a couple of oil changes. I drove it until I was hit by a Mercury Granada (really big car). Not my fault by the way.

All in all, I have never been able to find another one like it for sale because the owners like them way too much. I'll have to say that it was probably my most favorite car I have ever driven that I owned. I will for sure buy another one if I can find it.

18th Aug 2008, 09:35

Thank you, all of you! My daughter just purchased a '94 Saturn with 80,000 miles for school transportation. A trusted mechanic assured me of the reliability of this car but hearing your comments sealed it!

18th Aug 2008, 20:13

Great car - I have a 1994 and it still runs, not like it use to but gets the job done. I never thought an American car can last this long. Love it! Easy and cheap to maintain, regular tune ups and it will probably run forever.

18th Nov 2008, 17:34

I have a 1994 SL and it has 269,000 miles. Listen to this: I have ORIGINAL engine, clutch, transmission, radiator, gas tank, fuel pump, water pump, exhaust system, and rear brakes (yes, the rear brakes) and many other items. Only unusual repairs have been alternator, tie rods, and the engine coolant temperature sensor. Most years my only maintenance costs would be a few dollars for a few oil changes. Of course I regularly need new tires and battery, and occasionally belts and hoses. The car is amazing. However it may be on its way out. This past year I have incurred about $1000 of maintenance, most of which was new tires, tie rods, front brakes and rotors. I bought the car new and have always babied it. My brain tells me to get rid of the car, but my heart won't let me do it. Currently the car is running beautifully although the Service Engine Soon light came on yesterday. I'll take it to Auto-zone for a diagnosis. Usually I'm told it's swapping out some pollution control device. But the car still operates smoothly.

12th Jan 2009, 15:07

94 Saturn SL.

Bought the thing for $600 bucks. Had the motor and rack and pinion swapped right before I got it, but the odometer says 26x,xxx miles. Hasn't worked since I got it. But it rides, eh, half way decent, and runs like a champ. Reminds me of my old Cavalier.

Like that guy said up a few comments, I beat the living hell out of that car, and rusted out with 200,000 on it. This seems like it will be the same (only plastic doesn't rust). I am having the same window and seat problem as others, but I have gotten my money worth and beat the crap out of this one. Still runs great. I never was a Saturn fan till now, I really do appreciate this car.

11th Jun 2009, 05:38

I have a 94 SL1 with well over 200,000 miles on it. I can't give an actual amount due to the fact that the odometer went out a little over 6 years ago with 122,000 on it. I have averaged between 17,000 to 20,000 miles a year for the last several years and close to that before. It has been costing a few more dollars each year to keep up, but it is still minimal. I still get between 28-30 mpg and will drive it until it will go no more. Last year we purchased a 98 SW2 and put 23,000 on that one in a year. Saturn makes some of the most reliable cars, and I tell everyone I can.

21st Dec 2010, 20:53

I got a bad year Saturn, a 99. They have very bad top end issues. Mine has 147k and it, and should still be a young pup from what everyone says, but its head cracked and sucked the oil out of the pan. It's funny because I retired my 91 Camaro from a DD after it hit 255k (305 V8, never any problems) and now it's back out because the new (used car) wasn't up to my daily commute. And please don't tell me I'm the only one this has happened too, GM issued a recall on my gen car for their head leaking problem.

27th Jan 2011, 19:01

I love my car to death. Even though my car has had some problems like the mile counter stopped working at 238,459 miles, and I've had it for 6 years since.

I also had some problems with over heating. I replaced the fan and fuse, and still had the problem.

My upper water hose busted, but I'm sure it had never been changed. Also the interior paneling around the sides of the roof and doors broke, so it flaps when driving on the highway with the window down.

The seat belt light, battery light and brake light no longer work, but other than that, I'm totally in love with it. I'm sure my car has 300,000 miles+ now, and is still going strong, but seems like my gas burns a lil faster than it should!

10th Oct 2017, 04:34

Odometer problem... I use my GPS to track miles driven/compute MPG (up to 40 MPG at 65 mph on the highway).

Fan/temp sensor... turn A/C on and the fan comes on. With the A/C in winter just slide the temp switch towards the right (heat) and you won't freeze.

My '94 SL1 5 speed has 250 K miles on it and I tow a loaded trailer (800 lb gross) 900 miles yearly (no hills). Uses 1 quart every 1500 miles.

I switched the driver's seat with the passenger's seat.

Clean EGR valve every year if "check engine" code 32 is set.

10th Oct 2017, 20:49

Many cars can reach 262K on the odometer. It's nothing special.

A better question would be "how much time and money must be invested in getting the car to that point?"

Don't get me wrong -- I owned a S-series, which I liked a lot. However, it was not a standout in its class in terms of build quality or durability.