21st Apr 2009, 21:13

It looks like the lawsuit has reached final settlement, so those of you with the VTI transmission should be contacted soon. Details are at http://www.lakinlaw.com/CM/ClassAction/ClassAction55.asp

2nd Jun 2009, 14:19

If you got your transmission serviced at a Saturn dealer that has already reimbursed you for the repair on the terms of the class action settlement, you are very, very, lucky. With GM filing for bankruptcy, the settlement conditions are now up in the air, and Saturn Vue owners now may receive little or no reimbursement. The sad details are available at http://www.lakinlaw.com/CM/ClassAction/ClassAction107.asp

3rd Dec 2009, 20:15

My mom bought a 2003 Saturn Vue in 2007 from the dealership. it had 75,000km. They did not inform her that it was already on its second transmission. She has owned it for almost 2 years, and she has already put 2 transmissions into it. That is $10,000 in transmission in 2 years. And Saturn and GM are refusing to help her anyway. They will not pay her any money for the money she put in, and they are not honoring the warranty. These cars should be recalled!!!

23rd Dec 2009, 15:46

My wife has a 2003 Saturn AWD, CVT transmission with 4-cylinder that she bought before we were married. She replaced wheel bearings and sway link bushings, and most recently shocks and struts. She often said it was a huge money pit, but at least it kept going. Until this week, when the other shoe finally dropped. At 120,000+ miles, the CVT has started slipping severely, which is the coup de grace for this vehicle. Well, she was luckier than most. She maintained it religiously, cared for it meticulously, and babied it gently, which is probably why it lasted so long. Like so many others, she previously owned an SL2 that was a good car, and so selected another Saturn to replace it.

After spending the morning on the phone with a dozen transmission shops, I learned that:

1) Most shops will not attempt to rebuild this style CVT because they lack specialized equipment, and generally don't get them to go back together correctly.

2) Most shops are willing to install a re-manufactured transmission, but they have to be purchased from the dealer, and it is a hassle for them to deal with the core charge ($800-1,600), the warranty, or even locating a Saturn dealer that has not closed its doors or will within the next two weeks.

3) Some shops simply don't want to deal with this style Vue transmission.

4) General pricing was $2,100 to $2,500 for somebody willing to rebuild and install, with a 12,000 mile warranty; around $2,800 to install a rebuild acquired from the dealer; around $3,000 to install a salvage yard transmission; anywhere from $4,600 to a whopping $7,300 to install a new CVT transmission acquired from the dealer. The dealer themselves quoted $6,200.

So, time to stick a fork in this one and move on. The company dies at the same time as the car --- sort of poignant because it was a nice car, just put together with shoddy parts.

Goodbye, Saturn.