23rd Jan 2004, 15:30

Had a similar problem where our 2003 FWD 4 cylinder Vue wouldn't climb a slight incline in 3-4" of snow.

Engine would die and wouldn't go over 800-1,000 rpm.

Emailed Saturn and they replied that this a design of the transmission control to protect the CVT from damaging wheel spin. They added there is a software update available through dealer that should reduced the problem.

31st Jan 2004, 19:27

I own a 2004 AWD Vue, I too was in the PNW snow and ice storm. The Vue is what got me to and from work during this time with no problems. I also own a SC2 which also got me to work in storms past. It was frozen in the street and couldn't get it out of the ice.. But the Vue saved the many icy snowy days for me!

13th Feb 2004, 12:49

I own a 2003 Vue, bought in April and 9 months later have 18000 miles on it with a trip to Utah and Colorado. It has performed well in all conditions. On icy-snow, you must be patient as the traction control will inch you up a hill. It cuts power until the wheels gain traction. Spinning wheels fast in snow never moved a car. Apart from a loose wire on my starter from the factory, this my 4th Saturn is great.


6th Aug 2004, 11:34

RE:Backing up in snow.

I had the same problem.. my VUE with variable transmission

4wd would not back uphill out of my driveway in 3-4" of snow. Would move a few inches and lose driving power.

Wheels were not slipping. Called a tow service and as he pulled me backwards the transmission took hold and everything was back to normal. Spoke to my dealer who, at that time, Dec 2003, had heard "something about this".

At next service interval they "tuned up the software" which should fix the problem. Will see next winter.