2007 Scion tC from North America


Don't buy the car it causes stress


While driving the front grille came off

The windshield rattles

The side windows rattle

The window button on the door fell in the door

There is a grinding sound in the engine

The dash is bubbling

The side panels are bubbling as well

The sun roof shakes

The hatch back does not close all the way

The speaker is cloudy.


General Comments:

I think that I am more upset with the Toyota dealership; they have called me a liar, they have made remarks that were very rude. The service manager and the dealership manager do not do their jobs.

They never order the parts that they tell you that they will.

I have been there over 15 times and never once have they apologized.

Please do not buy this car.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2007

11th Oct 2007, 11:53

SCION RULES!! It is a kick-ass car that turns heads around when they hear my Greddy Turbo. The dealership where I bought my car is awesome - they have great customer service. The only problem I had was my main switch for my windows was not working and I couldn't lower the pass. window from my drivers side. They order the part and it arrived when they promised within 5 dys and no charge to me at ALL!

If you don't like it trade it in and get a boring Civic!

2007 Scion tC 2.4L from North America


A cheap econobox made to look like a sport coupe


Clutch is bad - not sure if it's an actual problem, or if it's just not a very good clutch.

Rattles in the trunk during normal driving.

Squeaking in the pointless radio cover during normal driving.

General Comments:

I was excited about getting a new car. This car seemed like excellent value and since it was a "sport coupe" should have been fun to drive.

After a month or so in it, I realized I bought a pretty standard, boring economy 2 door car.

The main problems: The suspension is way too soft, and I feel isolated from the road - I might as well be driving a camry.

Parts of this car DO come from the camry and other sedans (the chassis is from a european toyota avensis sedan, engine from camry) so I should have known - somehow the excitement of buying a new car blinded me to this...

This all results in a car that has too much body roll in corners. I never feel confident cornering in this car.

The engine doesn't rev high enough to have any fun with it - again, it's from a camry - I should have known.

One of the biggest problems however, is that the clutch is possibly the worst I've ever used. It feels horrible, it feels spongy - there's no defined point of contact, I have to hold the clutch in position for ages before the engine really "catches" and I'm save to continue without the car jumping around and making me look like a learner driver.

Add to that, that the accelerator pedal has a dead spot at the top (due to the stupid drive-by-wire electronic throttle control). This means you have to push the accel. pedal down twice as much as in other cars, just to pull away - but really you're not giving the engine that much gas. Makes pulling away a chore instead of fun. Never a problem with any other car I've driven (all manual).

So...overall the car isn't fun, it feels too heavy in corners, too soft, isolated, and I have no confidence in it's handling. The clutch is really bad, and the gas pedal doesn't help.

The good things however, include really nice 17" wheels standard, a pretty nice interior (for the price), nice seats (for the price), good enough torque (for the price), a nice shine on the paint (although it seems to mark easily) and a nice enough CD player.

This car is fine for someone who doesn't care about a fun drive - and basically just wants a cheap 2 door camry, so they don't look like they're driving an old-man car, but still get the "drive" of an old-man car...

If you're enthusiastic about your cars though, and expect to feel some "sport" from a sport coupe... you won't like what you get.

If the mazda3 suspension was on this car, and a proper clutch, it'd solve most of the problems, and (for the price) it WOULD be a really good car.

Since scions target buyer is teens and young people's first car, just finishing college, I feel they thought that they could get away with the bad clutch and handling, because most of them won't know any different.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2007

15th Aug 2007, 12:58

So why didn't you just get a Mazda 3? Everyone knows the engine comes from a Camry, and during the test drive you should have gotten a feel for how the car handles. Do your research before you drop money on a new car. I have this car and I absolutely love it, but I spent at least six months looking into many other cars until I felt this was the right one for me; I, unlike other consumers, prefer to know exactly what I am buying before I actually purchase it.