25th Aug 2007, 21:52

You're absolutely right - I should have looked longer, possibly waited to save more money for down payment, and maybe test driven the tc some more... unfortunately I had just got a job that meant I needed a car quickly, I didn't want to make a quick decision on a used car and end up with trouble, and unfortunately rushed into this decision for the tc... it will not happen again.

Renting a car while I made my decision was another option, but again, it meant throwing money away... it's a shame that for the first time ever my financially responsible side took over in this situation :-D this will also not happen again.

27th Aug 2007, 11:29

Scion TC's are the new honda civics. Cheap, and everybody is turning them into rice rockets. The only thing with TC's is that they are heavy, and even with a supercharger, are slow as balls.

7th Sep 2007, 20:00

I love it when people feel the same about the tC as me :-D

Heavy slow and soft.. that's what my car is.

6th Dec 2008, 18:31

It's a builder car. You have to make it what you want it to be guys. That's why there's so many upgrades to it.

2nd Jan 2009, 17:18

Sorry to hear you guys are having such trouble with your tC's...but I have yet to experience any of the so-called "problems" that you have experienced, like the clutch pedal. I am incredibly quick on it, I can put into gear immediately, and my car never jerks in any gear. There are also no dead-zones in the clutch or the gas pedal, so you may want to go to the dealership you got it from to see if it has problems.

To address your performance issues though... I really wouldn't complain because, remember, you bought a $16k toyota, not a $50k corvette. I feel all the body roll and high-rev at high speeds that you do... but I don't complain because I didn't buy the car to take it to the track... I bought it cuz its the perfect car for me as a college student. Loads of room, nice rims, sunroof, mp3 audio system, great thick paint job, eager acceleration in the beginning gears, heavy feeling body and doors (similar to the lexus IS), and the best part... it is built on one of the world's most dependable engines... the camry's engine. For one, I don't plan on getting the best 0-60, the best time at the track, or the craziest race car. I bought it cuz its CHEAP, DEPENDABLE, GOOD GAS MILEAGE, and a car that will LONG-OUTLAST its warranty.

If you want a race car, don't plan on spending $16k, plan on spending more.

30th Nov 2009, 11:04

I love my tC, but the clutch sucks. I only have 13,000 miles on my 2008 and my clutch is gone already. Honestly, I'm a mother of three kids under 6 and 31 years old. I have been driving a standard for 10 + years. How in the hell could the clutch have burned out already?! I don't drive like an a**. I am so frustrated that I have to shell out $950+. Merry Christmas to me and my family! No more Toyotas for us!

30th Nov 2009, 14:27

Hate to tell ya, but no clutch goes out in 13,000 miles without being abused. Maybe you didn't do it, but is there anybody else who drives your car often? If so, they may not have the real skill to be driving a manual.

21st Dec 2009, 11:49

I agree with the clutch, mine went at 20K... but then again, that's after many hours spent at the track. I won't say I'm a pro skilled driver, but I did manage to run 15.1 several times on my stock 07 tC... Yes it's heavy, but there are so many things you can do to it! I love my car and I don't regret a penny I spent on it (or mod parts). I practically replaced everything on hinges (hood, trunk etc etc) to fiberglass parts. Anyways, much I can say... if you want a race car, you save up more... but if you know a thing or two, then you can make a cheap coupe run with more power for very little money.

27th Dec 2009, 08:33

Well I have a 2005 Scion tC... Which I have been driving standard for 15 years, and have 2 other vehicles that are standard as well.

I absolutely love my tC, and yes indeed you need to get it upgraded all the way... My tC is suped up with all the fun stuff, and I have no complaints.

I'm also a mother of 2 teens, so this car is a make for any age; it's a damn good car...

This car never gave me any problems, but Toyotas are made to last; well mine is. You just have to take care, and it will take care of you!!!

Have fun with your tC


28th Jan 2010, 20:51

Anyone who has a clutch go out at low miles should call Scion Customer Experience at 1.866.70.Scion. If they refuse to honor the clutch warranty, and you've already had to pay 1000 or more to get it repaired, ask for it to go to Arbitration. If you haven't abused your car, you just might get the money back. I did!

5th Feb 2010, 19:41

If you have a clutch go out that soon, you are probably riding the clutch. You need to learn how to drive a clutch. Keep that foot off it unless you are going to use it, period. Riding the clutch or racing are the two ways they go out, other than that it there's not much else you can do to it to break them.

And BTW I have driven clutch for over 40 years both for pleasure and profession (drove semi at one time). Yes I am an old fart. ;)

As for the other comments. Since when did people think this was a high performance sports car? I have one and it works well for my use. If I wanted to hop it up I could do that too. It has enough balls to be fun, but not enough to be dead in...

10th Feb 2010, 18:40

I've loved the car, there have only been a couple of problems from what I can tell...

1.) Who designed the piece of crap trunk release?! They should have at least made it a bit more durable, I ripped it off by accident!

2.) What is up with the sunroof whistling on the highway?!

3.) My clutch went out at 99,780 miles (I have a 2006 TC and am the only owner, and I beat it up pretty good).

What did you guys have to pay to have your clutch replaced?

I'm looking at 900 from the dealership.

Is that good?

16th Sep 2010, 10:19

Agreed. The clutch totally sucks on this car.

Although many think the Scion tC has some torque and power, it really doesn't. Kind of embarrassing if you ask me.

My clutch just went at 70k miles which sucks. The factory wants $1000 just to replace the stock clutch. I'd rather just drop $350 or so on a Clutch Masters clutch and throw it in myself.

I don't like how the tC was poorly designed. The trunk handle feels like it was glued on with a glue stick and the sunroof squeaks and rattles when you're driving. The weight of the car is also a problem. It weighs too much and when you take turns it feels like you're going to tip over (also due to suspension).

I feel as if Scion is fooling its loyal customers to make it seem as if the tC is a sporty, fun and fast vehicle. Which it is not.

Other than these problems I love my Scion...

20th Apr 2016, 21:49

I bought a new Toyota Yaris in 2007 as well. The clutch and gear change were crunchy from the start. I suspect an assembly issue. The suspension was also totally disconnected from the road. I disliked the suspension thing so much, I sold the car after two years.