2006 Scion xB from North America


Fabulous car until the engine blows at 100k miles...


Engine just blew after 100K miles.

Trunk release in the back broke after one month.

General Comments:

This car was purchased as a business delivery vehicle, and also used as the means of transport for my delivery man, from and to our business.

It was fast. It was steady. Its cargo room is amazing. We used it for loading and unloading supplies on a daily basis, as well as delivery of customer orders all over NYC.

While the interior isn't luxurious, it is comfortable.

I love this car so much, that I am actually investing in a new engine for it, so that my son can use it when he starts driving in a few months.

The only complaint I ever had about this car is that the manual trunk release in the back broke almost immediately, and it seems to be common, as I've noticed it on many xB's on the road of this model year/design.

Gas mileage is amazing on this car. Highly recommend, as gas once again is about to go thru the stratosphere.

The cargo area is high and very generous.

Car always handled well, and I am used to foreign luxury cars.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2011

2006 Scion xB from North America


I love this car!


Stereo had some sort of short within the first 5000 miles. Dealership replaced it at no cost.

Windows have bad aerodynamic pressure noise when two or less are open. Dealership unhelpful.

Paint very soft... so many scratches!!

Hatch handle on rear door/hatch fell off at 70,000 miles.

Driver side door sometimes locks me in at 70,000 miles.

General Comments:

I love this car.

It is CAVERNOUS on the inside, comfortable and I LIKE the boxy and funky style.

I like the way it handles, I feel very in control of its every move.

I love the high and central gauges.

Great visibility.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2010

2006 Scion xB from North America


Fourth time windshield has cracked; each time was while the car was not running and parked over night.

General Comments:

I'm sick of this van now, and wished my kid never bought it.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2010

2006 Scion xB 4 cylinder gas from North America


Affordable, versatile and actually sort of fun to drive!


Front brakes at 40k miles (normal wear).

General Comments:

The Good:

Fun to drive with gokart-like steering.

Amazing on gas!

Has lots of room for people and cargo (more than you would expect).

Reliable and easy to maintain.

Affordable to buy, holds its value and cheap to run.

The Bad:

Anemic acceleration.

Road noise (needs better insulation or a louder stereo).

Driving when cross-winds are present is not so fun.

Thin metal, typical cheap import construction.

Worst car I ever had in the snow! Buy snow tires for it if you live where it snows - this car NEEDS them!

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Review Date: 25th May, 2010

2006 Scion xB from North America


This is the best car I have ever owned, and it's a shame Toyota changed the newer models


I replaced the battery, tires and spark plugs so far.

People have ruined my doors while I was parked by hitting them with their doors.

General Comments:

My windshield needs to be replaced, but I know when I do replace it, the inferior glass they put in will not last. My original windshield is pitted from hundreds of rock hits, but so far has not cracked. I will insist on a Toyota windshield because I know they can take the punishment a low upright windshield has to take.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2009

8th Apr 2013, 21:40

Why not just replace it with another Toyota windshield?

2006 Scion xB RS 4.0 1.5 litre from North America


Everything you need, and nothing you don't


A touch of clutch chatter after sitting in the rain for a couple weeks unused.

General Comments:

It's all the car anyone needs. Comfortable. It gets tons of use with kids and nothing is broken on the interior at all. I use it for hauling everything from Costco runs to full size arcade machines. Next best thing to having a small pickup truck.

It parks like a dream, and has a good turning radius.

Great visibility out of the mirrors and windows. I never miss a merge.

Fun to drive. It's no drag racer, but I don't live on a drag strip. It goes just as fast as my 400 HP GTO ever did in the real world. It's just more fun to drive. I can beat on it and actually have fun driving it, or drive it nice and smooth. The couple of friends I've let drive it comment on how darn easy it is to drive. Everything just works the way it should.

I tried to find a car to replace my wife's 2 door now that the kids are able to get in and out of the car on their own. Seemed like every other car was paying money for stuff that would just feed my vanity.

I've owned some 40+ cars from BMW 7 Series and Mercedes, to Jeeps and pickups, and this is the only car I've not gotten sick of in less than a year. This car has outlasted my favorite car by 2 years.

Wish it had cruise control; but I also live urban so it would be rare to use, and a kit to put it in is available and easy to install.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2009