2010 Scion xB from North America


More trouble than it's worth


Brakes replaced at 23K miles.

Brakes and rotors replaced again at 40K miles.

Tires all needed to be replaced at 40K miles.

Windshield cracked and had to be replaced.

Bluetooth system is not clear, and the speaker is placed too far from driver, so I have to yell or can't use it at all.

Sound is terrible in the backseat. Unless the radio is on full blast, the rear passengers can hardly hear it.

General Comments:

The car is very roomy for both front and rear passengers. Upholstery is nice quality, as is most everything else inside the car.

I'm not crazy about the display. It has several options to display MPG average, average speed, temp., etc. but you have to switch through them and it takes away the clock if you want to look at the others, so you have cycle back through like a trip odometer. I don't know why they couldn't have displayed all of that at one time.

The car is very low, so the muffler cracked backing out of a driveway, and I haven't bothered to fix it, because it will just happen again, so it rattles constantly.

Also, the car is very loud inside. You can hear all outside noise, and can't really relax in silence.

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed. I'm not used to replacing the brakes so often or having to replace the tires so early in my previous Toyota Corolla.

Plus, the gas mileage is terrible. I do all highway driving, and the best MPG I get is 24. My sister's Honda Pilot gets the same. Pretty sad. I am going to trade this in ASAP.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2013

2010 Scion xB 2.4L from North America




This is my second Scion xB, the last was an 2008. Both are rattlers. Dealer couldn't fix. I took a chance buying the second one (shame on me).

Windshields are stone magnets.

Will go with another manufacturer next. Toyota is going the way of too many brands.

General Comments:

Plastic creaks and groans abound!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2010

2nd Jun 2011, 11:48

You call the car, "cheap", but you only offer generalities in your review. If you have specific experiences which leads you to believe this vehicle is in fact cheap, I'd like to read about them.

28th Jan 2012, 23:05

Read the review again. This poster feels it's cheap because of poor build quality.

2010 Scion xB 2.4 liter gasoline from North America


Very good; could be great with just a few improvements


Nothing worth mentioning.

Splash guard beneath engine was pulled off when trying to negotiate 2 foot deep snow in my driveway. Dealer put it back on during my lunch hour the next time I was able to get there.

General Comments:

Met most expectations. It's quite quick, possibly a little too much engine for the size and weight of the vehicle.

Could use another (5th) gear in the automatic transmission, to improve fuel economy. Only getting about 25/26 mpg in mixed city and highway driving, and I'm in my late 60's and don't lead-foot it. Another gear could improve that somewhat, I'd think. Toyota has the 5th gear standard in the Camry and Corolla models; no reason they couldn't offer it in the Scion, even if it was an extra-cost option.

Rumor has it that the mileage will improve after it gets 10K miles on it, and it is more broken-in. We'll see. I'm a little disappointed with the mileage; would have liked to have seen it more like what the earlier version of the xB delivered.

I'd prefer to have (2) backup lights, instead of just one; it isn't the 1950's any more... It looks dumb, and doesn't provide enough light to the rear when backing up after dark. Also, would prefer adjustable timing on the wipers when in the "mist" position, instead of only one factory-set delay time.

Front seats could have the "seat" part a little deeper; I am tall with long legs, and I feel like I'm sitting on the edge of the seat, even though I'm sitting all the way back.

Silver-colored plastic surrounding the shifter area is very cheap looking. Computerized info center does not tell you which direction you are going, and requires too many presses of the button to negotiate through it.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2010