19th Apr 2006, 08:23

Having the same problem with the 'EPC' light and do not have drivers manual what does 'EPC' warning light mean anyone.

Thank you.

19th Apr 2006, 08:23

Having the same problem with the 'EPC' light on Seat Cordoba and do not have the driver's manual. What does 'EPC' warning light mean anyone.

Thank you.

25th Apr 2006, 09:30

EPC stands for Electric accelerator Pedal Control. If this light comes on, it normally means that there is a fault with the Accelerator pedal. You have to have the car seen to by a Technical Centre. That's all I know.

25th May 2006, 03:12

Hi, I have a SEAT Cordoba Vario, 1.6 and bright yellow! My dad bought it for me for my 21st birthday back in Feb, and yes, as it's so long, and not what I was used to I've had a few bumps and taken the paint off on the rear bumper! I went to Halfords and colour matched the paint work, so I put it on and it looks really bad!!! I bought the touch up paint, so I don't know if I should have bought the spray, but then I wouldn't have a clue what to do with it. Can anyone help??

15th Jun 2006, 08:39

Hi Guys I'm the owner of the Seat Cordoba Stella 2002 1.6 from Malta EPC stands for Electronic Pressure Control, it controls fuel injection. I had a problem with that, but was just a change of fuse from the engine and problem solved.

15th Jun 2006, 08:44

Hi ppl I'm the Malta Seat Owner again, regarding the spray problem is because your spray does not contain luceur nor it is baked. So that's why the spray applied will be a disaster apart it will crack within few months.

8th Mar 2008, 04:49

I have a Cordoba 1.4 petrol engine, 75bhp model bought in 2002. Recently and randomly the EPC light comes on as does the light displaying an engine block, which means a fault with the engine's electrics. This for the last 1,600 miles, but the car runs as smooth as ever it did. Is this just poor electronics or a cause for concern?

10th Mar 2008, 12:34

I own a Seat Cordoba 1.9 SDI in Malta. Although I really love my car and enjoy driving it, I had a few problems, such as.

All 4 Electric windows faulty all after warranty expired

Boot lock had to be changed

The lock of the small door for fuel injection had to be replaced as it could not open by central lock

Power Steering problems after 4 years

Clutch kit had to be changed after 4 years.

I only wish that the manufacturers improve these parts and make them cheaper so that my next car will be another SEAT.

1st Apr 2008, 11:25

I have a Cordoba 1.4 Stella, Petrol. Can somebody please help me out here? The built-in radio switched OFF by itself very frequently while driving, especially, I noticed, during rainy/humid days. I also had problems with the ignition, rear luggage lock and now the front passenger door does not open.

But the radio problem is really driving me nuts. Please, if you know something, email me at george.abela@gov.mt


21st Sep 2008, 12:14

I'm thinking to buy the Cordoda 1600cc 2008, any comments on that. The EPC is due to the fuel specifications I think.What you need to do is a total reset of the Electrical system which means that you completely shutdown the CAR meaning taking the BATT plugs out for 17 min, that will reset the fuel sensor as well and get red of the light, that will save you time and money. (make sure that you know the code of your radio system if it had a secure system code).

4th Aug 2011, 13:24

The instrument panel on my 1.4 Stella 2001 Cordoba lights up like a downtown Christmas tree: the EPC and engine management light both come on, but it's nothing to worry about I'm told. The car has given me no trouble. It's economical to run, smart around town, and holds its own on the motorway. ¡Olé!

24th Aug 2011, 19:13

I have a Seat Vario Cordoba 1999. Each time I clutch down to switch gear, the rpm goes down sharply rather than maintaining/sustaining the preset rpm, which is normal at 0.75, and the engine eventually goes off. Could you please be of help on what could be the problem? You may also kindly post a reply to oluseyiogunwande@yahoo.com