18th Feb 2001, 16:17

Take your car to a local Ice (In car Entertainment) specialist. They'll probably rip out your old stereo, put a nice fancy one in, and if the Ibiza has a large radio face plate, you can get those replaced too.

19th Feb 2001, 08:14

No, you can't change it!! It's all part of the display screen/centre console which is all integral. The radio and CD info is displayed on this screen, and all the buttons/knobs etc are intergral to the dashboard itself. It is not an exchangeable unit.

1st Mar 2001, 05:23

Yes, it's true, the radio cannot be changed. I'm not aware if Seat even does a face plate for the standard size radios. My only suggestion is an ICE specialist. But hey, why do you want to change it, you'll lose the really cool screen and remember because the radio is fully integrated, little thieves will just walk past cursing the creation of fully integrated systems.


15th May 2001, 08:55

It's all fine until it goes faulty and your dealer takes (so far, still waiting) 6 weeks to change it under warranty!

8th Feb 2007, 14:01

Hiya, I've got a seat ibiza, 1.4 it's a really nice car, but there are some problems with the reliability, in the 9 months that I have had it I had to have; a new clutch, a whole new exhaust system and now the pedal housing is broken, has anyone got any ideas on how to replace it without taking it to the dealer or a mechanic??

17th Oct 2008, 12:32

Hiya, I recently got myself a Seat Ibiza 2000 Sport, and surprise surprise, my pedal housing bracket snapped of just after a week, luckily enough my girlfriend's dad is a mechanic, and if it wasn't for him I don't think I would still be driving the vehicle. I was told any other mechanic wouldn't have touched it because it involved having the bracket welded back onto the housing, and took a full day just to have the housing put back into position, because it involved dropping the throttle pedal, clutch pedal and taking the steering rod out. Is this a regular fault with Seat's and VW's?

21st Sep 2010, 11:17

I have a seat Ibiza 1.4 2000.

I have some problems with the radio. The radio sometimes comes on and then goes straight off!

Can anyone help me with this problem?