30th Nov 2003, 15:03

Bought a brand new 51' plate Ibiza Cupra 20V Turbo. Great car to look at and to drive. Equipment levels were impressive. Nothing to touch it for the money. Unfortunately, I encountered problems shortly after purchasing. Various minor niggles for first six months then clutch trouble. When shifting from 2nd to 3rd, the clutch kept sticking down. The dealer replaced the slave cylinder twice, then the master cylinder. The problem persisted. The dealer finally ordered another full clutch assembly. While replacing, they discovered the car had been fitted with the wrong clutch and flywheel from new. Replaced both items. While sorting it out they also found another major problem. The "thrust washer?" had not been fitted properly from new, had fell down into part of the engine, damaged the crank and several other parts. Disaster! The damage was that extensive, the dealer had to order a brand engine. This was fitted within a few weeks.

Within two months I had sold the car. I had lost all confidence in the car and in SEAT. A shattered dream!

28th Aug 2008, 05:41

I just have to write a quick disagreement with the above comments. I bought a 20vt Ibiza Cupra from new in Sep 2001. Have now covered 102,000 miles and has been nothing short of excellent. Minimum wear and tear. Only problem I've had with it is the well known clutch pedal issue. Resolved at 60,000 miles, no major problems since. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another SEAT.

13th Sep 2010, 07:32

OMG! This is like reading my life story!

I have owned my Ibiza Cupra for 6 years and have had all these issues listed above.

I am a paint sprayer by trade and I stripped the car to a rolling shell and did a colour change so when these issues came along, one by one I have paid out to resolve the issues. It has cost me an absolute fortune, but I have been very reluctant to let it go due to the amount I have spent on it. I apparently had the wrong clutch fork fitted from new as well.

I've still got boost issues and I'm booked in to have another centre box fitted today! Last night I was driving down the A339 and went to slow down and the back end broke hard and we spun out at 65 miles an hour, I really can't believe we didn't hit this central reservation.

A lot goes wrong with these beautiful cars and they seem to "prone" for all the issues you have mentioned here, and more!