2001 Seat Inca SDI 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


A good vehicle if you want to get around on a tight budget


Issues with the CV joints and brakes, but these eventually go on all vehicles.

Rust shows up if the van is scraped, which the previous owner managed to do on more than one occasion.

General Comments:

Overall they are a good van, especially for anyone on a tight budget, as they do around 50 MPG.

One very big point with me is the fact this is a van, and there is a blind spot when coming to junctions i.e. if you come to a T junction, you have to bring the van to a 90 degree angle to the road you are looking to drive on to. Also when driving on the highway, there is a blind spot. If there were a mirror which allowed for this error, it would solve this problem - where are all the safety gurus i.e. EU law on this matter?

Otherwise they are great van. Things do go wrong with them, but don't they with all vehicles?

I had one previous to this one for 14 years!

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Review Date: 11th June, 2015

2000 Seat Inca SD 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Reliable and cheap to run


Electronic fuel pump at 100,000 miles.

Piston rings and hydraulic lifters at 108,000 miles.

General Comments:

Good van, economical; 50mpg.

Very reliable; still turns first time any time.

Good load area and tow capability. Recommend for apprentices or labour.

Electronic fuel pump fails around the 100k miles mark and is dear to recondition.

Any body damage results in rust.

Expect clutch/gear and electrical trouble with vans over 100k, but very little with any below that with a service history.

Try the turbo Caddy as an alternative.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2008

1998 Seat Inca 1.9D 19. diesel from UK and Ireland


All in all a great little workhorse, excellent value


Front CV Joint 'Boot' keeps coming loose, needing full replacement.

Rear Brakes stick if left standing for more than a couple of weeks.

The 'CAT' went at 85k.

General Comments:

I've had no major problems (touch wood) since I got the Van.

I think the performance is fine (but then again I don't thrash it around).

I get 50 mpg from it when cruising at 80mph on the M way, and 40-45 mpg doing urban driving.

I certainly would buy another (but they don't make them now!) and feel that the thought a Caddy is better, is crazy, they're the same (except for the badge.

I've never had to put any oil in EVER! (i do get it serviced every 8 months though).

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2004

14th May 2013, 09:43

Yeah, you're correct, there's no difference between the Caddy & the Inca; they're both made in Spain in the Seat factory.

1997 Seat Inca 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Lot's of problems with the clutch and gearing on this vehicle.

General Comments:

A good van, although there are a lot of better alternatives. The locks are also terrible.

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Review Date: 17th January, 1999

11th Aug 2001, 07:01

I have been driving an Inca for about a year now and have had endless trouble (faulty locks, ignition, etc...). Performance is terrible (granted it is only a 1.9D). I can get 69mph in third gear and 85mph in fourth. Driving this van requires a lot of fifth to third gear changes the brakes are rubbish and handling is crap when thrashing it on twisty country roads. For the extra money its worth buying the new Caddy Tdi.

18th Dec 2011, 15:18

It's not a sports car, it's a delivery vehicle.

18th Jun 2013, 05:50

Driving like that in a light van is clearly being a pest on the roads.

12th Jun 2014, 22:23

I have a 1999 1.9 straight diesel Seat Inca from the day it was new, and have no plans to sell it yet. There are 349000 miles on it, yet turn the key and it starts. No big speed, but it will go on forever if half looked after. I think they're the best small van ever sold, but the SDI and TDI are not so good.

18th Jul 2015, 14:42

I agree with you.