2000 Seat Leon S 1.6 from UK and Ireland


VW quality and durability at a bargain price


Simply - nothing. In 28000 miles it has required no repair at all.

General Comments:

This car has been reliable in the extreme (I had around 32 cars in 37 years of business motoring, starting with a Morris 1100, and finishing with a VW Jetta 2000 GL auto).

It has required a repair to a dent around the drivers door lock, and also to the roof when the garage door dropped on it. Otherwise nothing has been replaced outside normal servicing, other than the timing belt and the two front indicator bulbs where the yellow colouring had faded.

The two front tyres have also been replaced; the originals having worn through under-inflation.

It has been garaged throughout its life, and regularly hand-washed, including the front and rear plastic wheel-arch liners. The paint work is unblemished, as the car has never been through a car-wash.

The stereo still sounds superb, with the front speakers supporting a deep bass, and there is a 6-disc CD autochanger in the passenger glovebox.

The car is quick away from the lights due to the auto-box, and with motorway cruising speeds held down to 55-60mph, the engine returns 32mpg.

Apart from obvious wear and tear on the steering wheel and driver's door handle, the car is in mint condition and worth only around £2,500.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2007

9th Jul 2008, 16:56

I am about to part-ex this car for a Peugeot 107 Urban 2-tronic and it held up well to inspection. At 33000 miles and just under 8 years old it brought a part-ex price of £2000. There was a further £400 discount off the new car too. So from £12800 new OTR (October 2000) to £2000 part-ex value 8 years later - not bad. Hope the 107 does as well.

2000 Seat Leon Tdi SE 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Best car I have ever owned although they are pricey now


Rear brake light at 30000 miles.

Air flow meter at 59000 miles.

That's it!!!

General Comments:

Handles well with a very lively diesel engine.

This car has been a blessing for the past 6 years as it has been 100% reliable, exceptionally economical and very few niggles apart from rubber seals around doors coming loose and Air flow meter.

Handling is a little boat like, but on A roads holds speed well and produces just under 60 mpg.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2006

2000 Seat Leon TDI 110 Signa 1.9 turbo diesel from Spain




Temperature sensor attached to the engine block. Failed at about 55.000 Km. Fixed under warranty.

Central door locking. Failed at about 100.000 Km. The rear-right lock bounces up when I push the lock button. The problem does not occur when I use the remote control. The dealer was not able to find the problem until the date.

Poor interior finishing.

General Comments:

In general I'm satisfied with the car.

Excellent performance.

Excellent fuel consumption.

Excellent liability.

The only drawback is the poor quality of some of the interior materials.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005

2000 Seat Leon SE 1.9 TDi from UK and Ireland


A perfect all rounder


Nothing has gone wrong with this car since I bought it.

General Comments:

The performance of this car is great, lots of low range torque assisted by the turbo propels this car to a good speed quickly. It manages 115 easily, however after that it seems to struggle to get above that.

Reliability has been second to none, no problems whatsoever.

I have yet to average 50mpg, I normally get about 46-49 however it has been as low as 42.

It's a very well equipped car which feels well put together. The CD changer is excellent and the climate control is very effective. It has sports seats which hug your body well, but could be a little more comfortable.

The car handles well and can dash round corners at a surprising rate, the brakes are sharp and stop the car very effectively.

It has plenty of space inside and the boot is a decent size. However you might find storage space limited if you have the CD changer fitted.

It's very cheap to run, with only group seven insurance. The servicing isn't badly priced, around £100 to £200 depending on service. However the cam belt service is due and could cost up to £400.

I do around 28000 miles per year and this car eats them up with absolute ease.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2004