23rd Oct 2004, 08:53

The Alfa 147GTA is just as fast, but is £5K more expensive. For the money nothing goes faster and it's a better alternative to the Civic Type-R (which would be the same cost as the Cupra-R with Air-Con added). I drive the S3 and a mate has the Cupra-R and it's just as quick, except when it's a bit wet as the Seat is only 2WD.

24th Oct 2004, 08:16

In reply to the comment on 5th of October, the subaru is one of the ugliest cars on the road, especially when it sits next to the Cupra r.

In terms of performance on a dry road there is nothing between them.

16th Dec 2004, 16:24

Changing my CTR for a Cupra R in March, the power delivery is totally different with the Seat being more linear than the screaming 'death wish' engine in the Civic. As regards to the Subaru comments, or any other car for that matter, it all depends on the driver. I've lost count of the Imprezas I've demolished, and I mean "demolished!" in the Civic, including the Sti 'type uk'. The Alfa 147 GTA is probably the best looking car by miles in the class, but that doesn't help when the car falls apart around your ears 5 minutes from the show room, plus Italian electrics anyone? I think not!!!

28th Dec 2004, 10:46

In reply to the CTR guy who can somehow murder a Cupra R and an STi. I think it must have been in a dream, because a mate of mine has a CTR, and in a straight line race, the Cupra is always in front, though only by about 5-10 metres by about 70mph. He says the Cupra feels more torquey and therefore faster.

17th Jan 2005, 13:36

In reply to the few comments at the top of this page. For me, the SEAT Leon Cupra R 225 is a car that is to be stared at in envy. On looks alone it has to be one of the most beautiful cars I have seen, much nicer than the alfa, and that's not even considering the power! I haven't had the fortune to drive it yet, but will do shortly as I am about to give up my 3 door VW Golf GTi Turbo for something more practical as I've got a baby on the way, And whats more practical than a 5 door Leon?

10th Feb 2005, 03:37

OK, the Alfa is well built, but one of the best built in its class? Since its too expensive to compete in the small hatch market, it must compete with compact execs like the A3 and BMW 3 compact. It certainly doesn't look well built in that company.

As for the Seat, in terms of value it is second to none - the Cupra R is packed full of goodies where as say the CTR doesn't come with air con (let alone climate control like the Seat), front fogs or 6 CD.

I'm currently driving my third Seat (Leon Cupra TDi, incidentally) and enjoying my 8th year of trouble free Seat ownership. Until something with a better blend of style, value, performance and quality comes along, I think I'll stick with the brand.

19th Feb 2005, 19:07

I have had my Cupra for two years now, great car to drive, better than my previous VW Golf 1.8t Gti, Will go for the FR Tdi next as company car tax looms!!

12th Mar 2005, 04:09

Having owned/driven cars ranging from my current Focus 1.8 to an Imprezza with >300bhp, I'd rate the Leon very high. Styling is personal, however the Cupra R has its Brembos and 18" wheels for go, not for show. Obviously it won't launch as quickly as a 4wd car, but once on the move it exploited its power as well as any TT or Imprezza I've driven. Again, it's not going to be so agile in the wet, but an owner will benefit from better MPG on the other hand.

I've only driven an Integra Type R, not the Civic, and must say that it handles extremely well and has a quick engine. However, its performance is only available in the last 2-3000 rpm, and is aided by a low weight. This causes two things; lots of noise from having no noise insulation (to save weight), and a lack of performance at low revs. As long as an owner can live with that, it's a great car.

At the end of the day, any mug can pay to have their car chipped, or push the limits that bit further. Road races are no indication of a cars pace or a persons driving ability... that usually just shows how nuts they are. It's on a track where the true pace of these cars can be truly shown...

30th Mar 2005, 14:02

Unfortunatly the cupra r will never be out of the garage and dealers unhelpfull and rude!

12th Apr 2005, 06:53

Just brought a new coupra r very fast car love 3rd gear just wants take off all this power for under 19K. Going to the v.i.p weekend soon then the track day should be fun will report back after.

17th May 2005, 15:02

Only the dealers could be worse!

14th Jun 2005, 15:28

And customer services couldent care less, they are crap like the cars!

24th Dec 2005, 18:59

To the comment above - what a load of crap! Where is your evidence for this? The 1.8T is a tough engine, 225 PS is no problem for this engine!!

3rd Jan 2006, 05:42

They use the 150bhp VW Golf engine, which has a larger turbo and remapped already. These engine are weak as mine only lasted 25k, I was using it extremely hard though, eats tyres for breakfast, poor chassis, cannot handle the power, wheelspins in most gears, which is evidence that it can't get that power to the tarmac.

Build quality isn't bad compared to french cars, but reliability is poor, doesn't like winter mornings.

Don't use in the wet unless you like verges and bushes.

Would never beat a Cossie, let alone a Scoobie.

I now own a 05 RS4, now that's a performance car, 4.6l V8 in a car that weighs 1660kg, 0-60 4.6, 0-100 8.7. M5 V10 equivalent for 25k less, totally annihilates M3's with that 4wd system, and all other rally cars.

7th Jan 2006, 11:28

0-100mph in 8.7sec. I THINK NOT!

8th Jan 2006, 07:47

The leon CR is a fast car, but when you put it next to a delta evo III with 215 hp and an acceleration from 0 - 60 in 5.7 seconds. in performance/price standing it's very expensive. Yes, the delta is very poor in electrics, but six time rally championship title in a row says it all.

15th Jan 2006, 05:43

I am in the process of swapping a Golf GTi 1.8T for a LCR 225. It doesn't matter who you are thrashing in a straight line, the nutter who pushes harder will always come out on top unless he has pushed too hard. Abuse any car and it will eventually give you a slap back! I went for the LCR as it's a lot of performance for the money with a hint of fuel economy and practicality when its needed. Head turning looks regardless of being good or bad always puts a smile on your face when someone else takes note. Scoobys are becoming the Vicky Pollard of cars, CTR's are getting too common, Audi's cost a little too much. LCR's are unknown to the ordinary man in the street.