19th Jan 2006, 15:48

R you insane zs will never out pace a cr.

7th Mar 2006, 17:17

I want one. For that reason alone, I will get it too.

Test drive is booked for tomorrow lunchtime, and after the hour I spent at the dealers looking at it, I can honestly say I don't care if it sucks the big one.

A car is a personal choice, an expression - much in like clothing. To me, the SLCR is a very wise choice. I've had 2 Scoobs, Astra GSI, Almera Gti, MG ZS, 620ti...

Its fast, looks the absolute B*llocks and it's built on VW/Auid internals...

Job Done.

27th Mar 2006, 08:19

It's a 4.2L (4163cc) not 4.6L and its 0-60 is 4.8 seconds

0 - 100 Km in 8.7 seconds - come off the stage..

A V10 BMW is a quicker car. Thus I don't think you have


11th Apr 2006, 05:22

As the original author of this review I thought I should follow it up with the latest.

I don't have the Cupra R any more just because I needed a cheap runaround, but I never regret having owned it and would have another one tomorrow.

I have read all the comments and having owned and ran both the R and a Cupra (180bhp) before that with 5 years ownership between them, I can say that I never had any reliability problems with either car. They never saw the dealer apart from regular servicing.

The comments about engine reliability are nonsense. The cupra R has forged internals and is under stressed in 225bhp form, expect hundreds of thousands of miles from it.

I think making comparisons of performance is a waste of time. In the real world on real roads its more about driver skill than the car. A skilled driver can leave everyone for dead on the right road in just about any car. 99% of road users are dawdling fools anyway so anything half decent becomes a weapon if driven properly.

I think the main thing the R offers though is real world daily use. Although ferociously capable in the right hands it is quiet and pleasant for long journeys and rides and handles with the best of them.

My local SEAT dealer (Marshalls in Cambridge) are total muppets and I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them, instead I went to Cheshunt Motor Company in Cheshunt and found a quality dealership in them.

They actually seem interested in making you feel like a valued customer (strange experience after Marshalls!), little things like leaving a pack of wipes and oil in the car as a freebie and always being polite and doing what you ask. My girlfriend still runs a Leon and takes it there, highly recommended.

I agree that the quality issue with SEAT needs addressing. The major mechanicals are all Audi/VW sourced and so are pretty reliable. The body is made by SEAT and is well made and problem free. The interior had good and bad points, the plastics were cheap feeling, but the controls were nice to use.

Spec on these cars is impressive. Air-Con, Brembo 4 pots, 18 inch wheels, recaro seats, CD changer, electric everything. For the money it's a good spec.

Now the new shape Leons are here (horrible!) you can get the last of the old (nice) shape R's for under 15k which all things considered is a bargain.

I loved every second that I owned that car, you will too.

12th Apr 2006, 09:05

I have just purchased a Leon Cupra R, and all I can say is WOW!! I was always going to buy a Scooby, but when I actually sat in one I knew I couldn't live with the interior or the service intervals. The Cupra R has excellent service intervals, has most of the toys you want, accelerates away from most things on the road and just grips and grips. The acceleration in every gear is mind blowing, when on the motorway there is no need to change down, just press that right pedal and you're off.

I love this car, and I recommend one to anyone. Forget the rubbish people speak of on here. Read the reviews on the web, this is the best hot hatch you can get for the money!

14th Apr 2006, 02:35

If you ramp it and don't look after it, it will go wrong!

14th May 2006, 15:10

Had my cupra R for 1 year now. Its fast, handles brilliantly & in red it's a real sexy car. Can't wait for the new cupra R.

20th May 2006, 18:36

And the faults on the new car.

10th Nov 2006, 10:15

Hi, I've been given £11k to spend on a hot hatch. I originally planned to get an Audi S3 or a Civic Type R.

Everyone recomended a Type R. An Audi for £11k ain't worth it, There are plenty of Type R's out there so £11k is more than enough for a decent Civic.

I went to see a 53 plate Type T Anniversary with red recaro seats AC etc.. But when I saw it it didn't blow my mind. I mean the car was mint, and very quick, but everyone has a Civic Type R. I thought I'd leave it.

I went on the net looking for anything similar and pop came a picture of a Seat Leon Cupra R 225 in ebony black. It looked a brute. I just had to go see the car. Never took notice of it because you don't see any of these on the roads much, am I right? The owner was a very nice chap who had the car from new, done just over 25k and kept it in mint condition. When he took me for a spin in it, I just couldn't stop grining. The car is simular to a Type R, but wow does it feel quicker and sound awesome.

I got the car for £10500, a bargain!!! It has everything you want. My friend who is a mechanic for Audi said, "these cars will be very sought after in a few years time" Seat only allocated 1 LCR 225 to each dealership per month.

You might hate it or love it, but fact is it's just as quick as any other of its rivals, and unlike Type R's and S3 225's you probably won't find another SLC R225 for miles.

4th Jun 2010, 15:52

I'm looking to replace my Seat Leon Coupe R turbo engine. Will the car go into limp mode if I swap it over?

5th Apr 2012, 12:48

Yeah, the build quality of Imprezas is amazing eh? Doesn't get boring seeing them tear around the back streets with some chav behind the wheel either.

If you want performance, an Impreza is a cool car, but for those times when you don't want to thrash your car to death, it's a rattly, tacky, rice rocket for those who couldn't afford an Evo.

A Seat Leon is likely to be bought by a sensible guy, with perhaps a couple of kids, who doesn't want to ram their car choice down your throat by waking up the neighbours with it every night with a stupidly loud exhaust.

To sum up, people with common sense will buy the Leon over an Impreza.