26th May 2001, 11:18

I am considering a TDi Leon as well. Personally, I think the Golf has the better styling, but the Leon stands out for value and also that it is not so common.

I have been in a Golf TDi and it is quiet.

There is a Leon Sport 150 diesel available on the continent, but I can't get any info as to which engine this has and what the BHP is. Any ideas?

6th Jul 2001, 10:34

The diesel Sport 150 probably has 150BHP. Just a guess.

12th Jul 2001, 09:30

The Leon Sport has got 150 HP indeed with a Diesel 1.9 litres engine. The torque is 320Nm, maximum speed around 215 Km/hour and 0-100km/h less than 9 sec. 4WD also available. Just for info, the engine is available now in Romania only on Golf but it is to come on Leon before September 2001.

13th Jul 2001, 20:24

I am about to close the deal on an ex-demo leon TDI (90BHP). I am told the engine is the same power unit as used in the new golf. My girlfriend drives a new golf with the 90BHP TDI engine, the turbo is active at all revs. Can anyone explain why the turbo in the Leon only comes to life somewhere around 2000 RPM? Thanks in advance.


28th Jul 2001, 07:00

I posted about info for the Leon Sport 150. I have searched high and low and even though I have found Leon Sport diesels mentioned, there is only a 110 bhp engine. I have seen absolutely no information about a 150 bhp Leon diesel. Surely, if there was such an engine, you would have it in the Golf already and it would have been talked about or reviewed already. If anyone can provide a link to any info it would be appreciated.

20th Sep 2002, 09:25

"A great family car for those who want to hold onto their youth"

Why did I get gray hairs after I bought a Seat Le(m)on than?