12th Nov 2017, 11:42

** UPDATE **

4000 miles in now and no reliability issues to report.

The car is currently running on a set of 15" steel rims / Continental TS850 winter tyres (185/60/15) and rides considerably better (smoother / quieter) than on the OEM 17" alloys / 215/40/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE050s. The speedo hasn't been appreciably affected by this change, given just a 0.4% difference in circumference between the 2 set-ups.

I also compared speed reported by the car to a sat-nav driven speedo on my phone and found the car typically over-reads by 2-3 MPH, across a wide range of speeds. (20 - 70 MPH).

The car has averaged 46 MPG over the last 10 tanks of fuel (best = 52.3 MPG / worst = 43 MPG). The OBC typically over estimates MPG by 5-10%.

I've elected to stick with standard unleaded fuel (Esso, Shell and Cost-co), but may throw in a few tanks of Shell V-Power Nitro+ as the miles rise. This will be more for the detergent properties of the fuel, rather than any gain in performance / fuel economy.

The six speed box allows relaxed cruising at motorway speeds and I'm constantly impressed that a 1.0 car can run with just over 2000 revs indicated at 70 MPH. I recall running an old "bread box" style Polo many years ago which would spin at in excess of 4000 revs at similar speeds (in fourth). More recently I ran a 1.6 NA Petrol Qashqai for 2 years,which required 3500 RPM for a similar speed (in fifth).

I've switched all the interior bulbs to LED and am investigating how best to replace the remaining (external bulbs) -  front fog lights, rear indicators, side repeaters with LED equivalents.

I did explore having Full-Link activated, but this remains a relatively costly option (£199) and still requires the phone to be connected by a cable, in order to benefit from Android Auto etc. I'd then lose access to the USB port, which is currently home to a 64Gb mini-USB stick containing MP3s.

By no means a remarkable car, but certainly represents decent value (at the purchase price), as well as proving roomy, reliable and economical family transport.