1st Nov 2006, 16:46

Thanks for your comments. The Mk2 Toledo family is based on the VW Bora, and uses the same engines and other mechanicals as the VW Passat, Golf, Skoda Octavia, Audi A3, TT and A4. From what I've read, they are built by VW in Belgium, seeing as Seat are owned by the VW Audi group. The German build quality is there, which was one factor I was looking for.

Mine's a 2000 model (MkII), so it's not the original boxy shaped Toledo (MkI) of the early to mid nineties, which was based on the old VW Jetta.

Before buying, I read plenty of on the road reports... sure a few were negative (as with all cars), but I'd say about 95% of reports were favourable. It's early days yet, and I may change my views, but so far, I am very happy.

My point was that the car is essentially a VW-Audi under the skin, and you're not paying extra for the VW or Audi badge. In the words of one review... "Buying a Toledo makes buying an Audi a waste of money".

If you buy another car, try one... you might be pleasantly surprised.

12th Dec 2006, 09:10

To compare current Seats to those that existed prior to the VW takeover is nonsense. VW bought Seat and Skoda and both brands have performed very well since - they share platforms and components with equivalent VW models. Indeed in all the reliability surverys (JD Power, etc.) Skoda perfroms substantially better than its VW stablemates. The Toldeo, judging by the reviews on this and on other sites, is obviously a very good car. Read the reviews on the Audi A4 and VW Golf or Passat and they are mixed. Interestingly the BORA does much better than other VW models.

12th Dec 2006, 09:15

I should add that there is a big difference in the driving feel and tangible quality of an Audi compared to a VW or a SEAT. The interior plastics and build quality of Audi cars is probably the best you will get on any mass produced car. Customers are not paying a premium purely for the badge, although it is true to say that many of the components are the same. It would be interesting to hear an Audi GmBh response to this!!

16th Aug 2011, 09:12

Yes, it is a VW and Audi underneath. The dash is Audi, the engine is true VAG. My wife has a 2001 1.8SE auto with 102000m, never missed a beat, passed last MOT with no issues and everything works as it should, interior still immaculate, and there are no odd noises mechanically or inside.

I also have 2000 1.9TDI Toledo, again no dramas outside of expected wear and tear, a new boot lock actuator cost me £10, some anti roll bar D bushes (£12 each x2), everything on mine still works as it should too, and a service, not bad for a year's running costs.

Both cars have never let us down, and I would say are a much better buy than Audi or VW, just as reliable, great quality, and cost less, but more importantly, much less to insure in insurance mad UK, half the price.

I'm moving back to NZ next year, and want to take one with me, but whilst VAG parts are available, any specific Seat are not in NZ, i.e. lights, panels etc.