6th Dec 2005, 16:59

Horrible cars! come on, it's a Skoda! GET A LIFE!!!

7th Dec 2005, 01:30

Maybe YOU should GET A LIFE! B.T.W. have you learnt how to ride your little scooter yet?

1st Jan 2006, 22:26

In addition to feeling sorry for the Lambo scooter, I`d also feel a bit sorry for the wasps. They certainly don`t deserve such a cruel fate.

12th Mar 2006, 14:45

I'm down with the author here... my second car was a skoda and although it looked lovely (rapid) it was made of tin cans and failed me often. The head went on mine... and the clutch... and it stalled in the rain. I loved it for comedy value, but it was in no way reliable or bulletproof. Although my 13 year old brother took it for a joyride and put it though a neighbours hedge... we got it back on the road with a nose transplant from a 120 estelle.

14th Mar 2006, 22:36

Your Skoda Estelle was made from tin cans? Mine has an exceptionally strong steel body, and the car has been thoroughly reliable. Perhaps, your`s was a "one off" factory order. What do you think? Unusual to have a car constructed out of tin, however. Incidentally, a 13 year old, driving on public streets, may be viewed as a touch irresponsible. The hedge you refer to, could have easily been a group of children.

18th Mar 2006, 03:35

(From the author)

I agree with the joyriding thing, and each to their own for defending the thing they hold a passion for, but come on guys SKODAS?!! that thing of mine put me off them for life, i drove it in the snow once (god knows how it started) and turned the wheel, but it just kept going forward! Dangerous cars...

I did service it and look after it from the start, but it was so unreliable that I just gave up. Best of luck to you if you want to have cars like that...

By the way, i looked after my Lambretta TV175 with a passion and it was a fantastic scooter. I have a GP200 Lammy now which I ride everywhere with a scooter club.Cheers!

8th May 2006, 08:32

'It's a Skoda'

...Why does everyone have to say that. anyone who knows anything about cars should know that the badge doesn't matter - Just look at the Hyundai Coupe. OK, so older Skodas to have tiny wee reliability issues, but they were good fun to drive and that should be the only reason you buy them!

12th Oct 2007, 11:38

Obviously the people who say Skoda are crap know absolutely nothing about cars. They are great in the snow because you have all the weight at the back, as well as rear wheel drive, so you get maximum traction. So if you say they are dangerous in the snow, then you clearly don't know how to drive in the snow. They are reliable unless poorly maintained. (I've driven so many different cars in my time). I have to say that those old rear engine Skoda were fun, and yes they may have had crude interiors, but I'd sooner have one of those than a Fiesta or something like that. Lets face it; today's modern cars are more likely to go wrong because they rely on electronic technology and not on good old fashioned basic mechanics. I've had more problems with modern cars because the manufacturers can't get the engines to run properly due to over-engineering with electronics.