2012 Skoda Fabia S 1.2 12v from UK and Ireland


A marked improvement on the 2008 model


Driver's seat belt would not extend.

Stone through the radiator.

General Comments:

When the other half announced that she was trading in her Skoda Fabia, which had not been without its foibles, for another one, I was less than impressed, but now the Fabia itself has been traded in for a new Citigo, I can actually say I'm a bit sad to see it go.

Although the 2008 and 2012 cars are the same at first glance, there are a few differences; the 2012 car has a slightly different look to the front end, slightly different instruments, and seems more "solid".

The biggest difference is the engine, this version has a 12v unit and is much less stressed at higher speeds, it seems to be higher geared, yet when revved out, emits that odd sound that triples seem to have, not at all annoying, some people don't like it, I don't mind.

The awful manual climate control and air con have been dropped in favour of a normal heater; the car mists up a lot less, although one spot on the windscreen, low down in the middle, is nearly always foggy in damp conditions.

Fuel economy was a lot better than the previous one, and overall it was nicer to drive. The only problem was a defective seat belt that was changed under warranty, and a stone through the radiator that cost me £273 to get sorted. Apart from that, the car never missed a beat. It even had 3 of the original tyres on it, the fourth having succumbed to a large woodscrew a couple of months beforehand.

So there you go, a short review because there really isn't much to talk about; a small car that did exactly what it was meant to, and more besides. My last sight of it, it was sitting on the forecourt looking ready to do it all again. A great little car.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2014

29th May 2017, 20:11

Glad you liked the car. I've just bought a 2013 Fabia TSi Tech Monte Carlo, in black on red with 48,000. Picking it up later this week. A replacement for my 2007 BMW 120d, which I have reluctantly had to part with. She's beginning to show her age slightly now, and I felt it was wise to get rid of her before she becomes a serious money pit... BMW servicing is not the cheapest around!

Interesting fact that I found out about the Tech version of the Monte Carlo. Apparently, Skoda only ever built 1000 of them (500 petrol, 500 diesel). Not sure if that applied to each year of the Monte Carlo version or just for the year of mine.

Fingers crossed, I've got a good buy.