28th Jul 2002, 10:51

This does sound very strange. I have owned a Fabia Comfort since June 2000 and have done 48,000 miles.

The power steering relay has had to be changed and that's that!!

Apart from that it has been a star car!

Sorry, you must just have bad luck!

4th Dec 2002, 07:02

Hi, I'm from Singapore and I'm a VERY proud owner of a Fabia 1.4 16V Comfort. The review sounds extremely odd. I have owned the car over a year, run it very hard...I'm in sales! And have yet to encounter any problems! It's a beautiful car both externally and mechanically... the next car I own will definitely be a Skoda!

4th Jan 2003, 15:47

I had a Skoda Fabia 1.4 Comfort, 2001 model and experienced the following faults; blown c/h gasket; faulty radio; sump leak x 2 & subsequent replacement; 2 new water pumps (leaking) ; faulty temp gauge, and broken blower vent -all within 12000 miles (12 months)

Liking the car's drive, we traded this one in and bought a 2002 Estate version. 7000 miles later we had another blown c/h gasket and faulty radio. We also had a very negative experience with SkodaAuto UK Customer Services.

29th Nov 2003, 06:22

29/11/2003 Very mixed feelings about my car. Feels well built and sturdy and is just the right size for me. However since I purchased it in July 2002 a"W" reg I have had a new steering rack, 2 lambda probes, alarms about power steering and a new electric mechanism for front window. Petrol consumption is poor in town. Thank goodness I extended the warranty--however car has spent considerable time in and out of the dealers being repaired!

16th Jun 2006, 02:51

I bought my 2001 Skoda Fabia 1.9 TDI from a dealership 20 months ago. It had 30K on the clock and now has 60K.

Since I've had the car:

A) The roll-bar bushes went. The dealership replaced the old roll bar with a new one said to be designed to eliminate future bushes breaking. Three months on, and it's knocking again.

Cost = £140.

B) The power steering sensor went. Within a year it went again. The dealership tells me that the there has been a spate of 2001 Fabias with the same problem. So much so that the the part (sensor) is on back order and is not expected in stock for another three weeks.

Cost: would be £120 but luckily fitted under warranty and replacement part broke within the 1 year guarantee.

C) Dealership tells me that advice from Skoda is to replace timing belt every 4 years regardless of mileage.

Cost: £370.

D) Lots of trim rattle.

E) Speakers fade in and out.

16th May 2008, 09:23

I feel your pain. Never again would I own this car. Mine also leaked and I was told by the dealer that this was a common problem.

Unluckily for me, I was not covered under warranty (as bought 2nd hand) so had to spend over £2000 in the first year of ownership.

I would strongly recommend the Favorit. My old 94 reg got me to Italy and back with no problems.

3rd Jul 2008, 06:11

I own a Fabia Skoda 2003 and have driven it for these last 5 years.

The only thing that went was the front passenger electric window and this only just a while ago. This was wear and tear and not a defect. Otherwise this car has proved to be true to its promo advertising and has as yet presented no problems.

I would not hesitate in recommending Skoda Fabia as it has compared very well to the other cars (Fiat, Datsun, Subaru and Tata) I have owned these past 30 years.

15th Oct 2009, 12:58

Well I bought the 1.4 8 valve Fabia. It's a 2000 model and I have not spent a penny on it in three years, so I think some comments might just be wrong. The car drives and feels like new, there are no leaks, everything works as it should. My only problem is the space saver wheel; I hate them.

So I'm happy, and I have had Skoda from my first cat some 30 years ago.

21st Sep 2010, 16:43

Hi, have been reading all the postings, as having similar problems regarding PAS and lights on an 01 Fabia. Another thing is the blower is not working at all, stripped down, cleaned pollen filter, checked resistor (just in case) and replaced motor. Still no luck! Could some one please help with relay location, or more specifically which one? Or any other possible reason for failure.

Regards warren_4@hotmail.com. Help would be much appreciated.

26th Apr 2012, 14:11

I have lots of problems with my Skoda 1.4 2000.

Repetitive power steering problems, even when parts replaced.

Engine revs on its own and cuts out when I touch the accelerator, leaky doors, had to replace the water pump, steering rack, lots of water coming in through the floor, constantly fixing problems with it.

It's a nice comfy ride when it works, and gets good MPG.

9th Jul 2015, 22:12

"after all its completely Volkswagen built." Take a look on this site at the Passat 2000-2001. VW are rubbish. It is all motoring press hype, as the owners' reviews on this site prove, + VW Golf gearboxes from around the year 2000 will self destruct, although most have been repaired by now. German reliability, not!