2000 Skoda Fabia Comfort 16v 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Good value motoring though build quality is dubious


The Airbag warning light came on. A part was ordered and replaced (sensor ring.)

Coolant leaks from various hose locations. (Three occasions.) After the first occasion I noticed a gunky emulsion at the oil filler cap, but the dealer assured me this was normal. After the second coolant leak fix, this emulsion has cleared.

Rear windscreen washer stopped working due to a shattered connector in the pipe somewhere under the vehicle.

Also failed when the hose came adrift from a connector.

Fuel pipe leak caused by a failed Jubilee clip.

Major breakdown due to failed cam belt at 20,000 miles. Loss of compression and valves needed attention.

Cold starting difficulties.

Rattles have developed in the dashboard trim area.

General Comments:

I must state that the car was converted to duel fuel (LPG) by a contractor engaged by my Skoda dealer. I am not decided if some of the problems experienced may be due to the aftermarket conversion.

The equipment level for the Comfort complete with Air Con, ABS, Traction control, Front Power windows etc means the Fabia is great value.

The paintwork seems very susceptible to scratches and paint chips.

The 3 year warranty and servicing also add value to the car.

The dealership have been very accommodating, but I have concerns about the mechanic pride and capability in their work during servicing.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2002

18th Mar 2004, 15:00

They should sort this problem out concerning the windscreen washer.

My Skoda vRS is only a few months old and I had to take it in for a warranty repair because of failure of the rear windscreen washer. Water gushed out of windscreen wash system.

It took four days to arrange for a warranty repair during which time of course the car was not complying with the law.

Why has this simple problem been left unresolved. The Skoda dealer said that the same parts had been reconnected and no modifications had been done and so the problem could happen again.

This is rather shameful. Wonder if it also applies to equivalent models in the Volkswagen range.

2000 Skoda Fabia Elegance 1.4 16v from UK and Ireland


An ok car


Loose stabiliser bars leading to rattles in the front end. This problem continues to re-occur.

Alarm malfunctioning.

Speakers cause door panels to rattle.

Leak in the radiator.

Stone chips all over bonnet.

Interior hard to keep clean given light beige colour.

Various rattles and vibrations throughout interior.

General Comments:

Sombre car with poor accelerator response. Alloys collect brake dust eagerly, and steering is light at speed.

Lack of options in the UK which are available on the continent. Possibly due to "cost-cutting" by Skoda UK. Example, xenon head-lamps.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2002

9th Aug 2003, 10:32

Very disappointed that my ten month old Fabia estate has developed rattles which appear to be externally based - first service is due shortly so will have front stabilizer bars investigated - as per previous reviewer. There are also rattles from the rear which could be down to the hatch ' stops ' requiring adjustment, I also suspect that all suspension mounting points may be a tad loose.. This almost spoils what is otherwise a fabulous drive - great on twisty A roads, superb on motorways. Shame though that the gearknob has a tendency to detach itself from the gearstick, can be most disconcerting when a fast gearchange is called for...

2000 Skoda Fabia Comfort 1.4 8v from UK and Ireland


Quality is only skin deep


Faulty Lambda Sensor, replaced whilst on holiday following a large detour.

Head Gasket Blew @ 7000 miles.

Both Rear Doors Leaked, probably from new, but not discovered till 8000 miles.

Rear Wheels squeal like a rusty wheelbarrow between 15 and 30 miles per hour. The garage has attempted to fix twice. Still happening though.

Rear hatch release failed.

Heater control has failed.

Dealer broke windscreen during one of the repairs.

General Comments:

Please do not believe what the motoring press has said about this car. They only drive it for a couple of days. Try living with it. It is easily the worst built car I have every owned.

On the plus side :

It's interior is good bar a couple of rattles.

It handles and rides reasonable well.

3 Years free servicing and warranty has meant despite the problems I have not paid out a penny. Except petrol costs for the 50 mile round trip to the dealer over and over again.

I get about 47 Miles Per Gallon fuel consumption.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2002

24th May 2002, 20:26

This particular one sounds like a lemon.

This happens rarely with Skodas, the huge majority have absolutely no niggles or gripes whatsoever, after all its completely Volkswagen built.

This really is very RARE, so others, please do not be put off! As an owner for the last 27 years, skoda's are very reliable and excellent value - better than most of your fords vauxhalls etc.