Felicia Classic 1.3 MPI

Brilliantly simple, well thought out and built small car

332 words, UK and Ireland

Felicia LX 1.3

A compete cracker

205 words, UK and Ireland

Felicia Classic 1.3 MPi Skoda engine

The smallest cheapest car you can use (comfortably) for long distance commuting

1252 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

Felicia LXi 1.3

Can hardly fault it

180 words, UK and Ireland

Felicia LXi 1.3 MPi

Very good car

122 words, Romania

Felicia GLX 1.9 diesel

Refined VW Golf

141 words, Serbia

Felicia Classic 1.3

A good basic car cheap as chips

68 words, UK and Ireland

Felicia LX 1.3 MPi

Average plus

195 words, Finland, 2 comments

Felicia GLXi estate 1.3 mpi

Excellent first time car with a boot space hard to match

138 words, UK and Ireland, 7 comments

Felicia GLXI 1.6MPI

Felicia is practical and economical.

65 words, Turkey, 1 comment

Felicia LXi 1.3 MPI

A basic, reliable, economical and likable car

326 words, Hungary, 2 comments

Felicia LXi Pickup 1.3 MPI

Absolutely worth the money

111 words, Norway, 1 comment

Felicia GLX 1.3 petrol

A good value car, useless on a trade-in, certainly don't use a dealership to replace parts

31 words, UK and Ireland

Felicia GLX 1.6 MPi

Excellent car for the money

108 words, Romania, 4 comments

Felicia Classic 1.3 OHV

Pleasant car with bags of character which makes it likeable when its disappointments are ignored

62 words, UK and Ireland

Felicia GLX 1.3 MPI petrol

This car gets a 10/10 score: overall/price

51 words, Greece

Felicia GLXi Combi 1.3

Best value for money

18 words, Greece