1999 Skoda Octavia LX 1.9 SDI diesel from UK and Ireland


The best car I have ever owned, and it's a Skoda!!!


No severe problems at all.

Just one little thing, just a worn constant velocity joint, but even this was very cheap to replace.

Starter motor squeal every once in a while, but was checked and not a problem to worry about.

256,180 miles, and she still goes on without fault!!

General Comments:

This is the first Skoda I've ever owned, and I'm completely won over by it. It has a huge boot for a hatchback, very comfortable and economical. Even though it's been to the moon and back, she still drives extremely well. It only has 68 bhp, but it's more than enough. The engine is bulletproof, thanks to it a being a tried and tested VW engine.

It's in excellent condition inside, considering it was a private hire car, but you wouldn't think it.

It handles beautiful, the most stable car I've ever owned.

I bought it last August, and I intend to keep it for many years to come!!!

If you want a thoroughly reliable and roomy car, than this is the car for you, I would certainly have another!!!

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Review Date: 9th February, 2011

1999 Skoda Octavia from UK and Ireland


Reliable, safe and cheap motoring in a car that I would buy again


Dashboard clocks went intermittent at 175000 miles.

Wiper mechanism rusted up at 190000.

General Comments:

Probably the most reliable car I have ever owned.

Definitely the most economical car I have ever owned.

The diesel has a reasonable amount of torque, which makes it feel fairly effortless to drive.

It also feels very stable when cornering.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2010

1999 Skoda Octavia SLXi 20v 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Ignore the name jokes - this vehicle is a serious bargain


Switch stalk on electric door mirror snapped - replaced under warranty.

Windscreen wiper motor replaced under warranty - garage also replaced windscreen wiper rack at same time because they noticed it was rusty.

Brake pads replaced all round - rears for second time because calipers started to jam. Caliper automatic adjustment is the wind-in type - terrible to reset. Persevere - new calipers cost a fortune!

Alloy wheels always stick on the hub - always needs a garage or the RAC to change a wheel.

Timing belt replaced twice - water pump was badly worn at 90000 and idler gear replaced at same time (stuck pulley).

General Comments:

Very reliable - always starts first time.

Comfortable on long runs.

Reasonably quick when needs to be.

I cruise on the motorway at 70 and still get 42 miles to the gallon (UK).

No major mechanical problems in over 100,000 miles.

Significantly cheaper than an Audi A4 or VW Passat, but the bits are the same.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2003

25th Dec 2003, 12:14

Excellent review, I'm looking forward buying a 1999 SLXi 1.8, but I have this doubt, does all the 1.8 Octavias comes with turbo or its only from year 2000 to this days?.

20th May 2006, 14:23

This is an update of the above. I still have the same 20 valve slxi - now done 161,000 miles. I had the timing belt replaced at 151,000 miles. It still starts first time, still returns 42 mpg, still got some oomph when I need it. I thought about changing it, but the garage I was going to buy a brand new car from turned their nose up at it offering a mere £700. Their laughter turned to tears when I turned around and drove off their forecourt. I suppose I'd better get it serviced again; had to have a broken brake hose replaced and that's all in another year's motoring. These cars are seriously good buys second hand - friend has just bought a 1998 for GBP1200. He reckons its the best second hand car he's ever had.

1999 Skoda Octavia LX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A low performance money pit


Drivers door lock failed.

Boot key lock failed.

Boot central locking failed.

Wiper motor refuses to switch off.

Immobilizer faulty, engine not starting or cutting out.

C.V joint failed.

Headlight wiring loom failed.

General Comments:

The dealer had my car for a whole month waiting for some parts.

The car is a nice, but unreliable vehicle.

The cars handling is a bit too soft for cornering.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2003

14th Jul 2009, 17:46

I have a Skoda Octavia 1.8 SLXI 20V. My clocks are damaged beyond repair. I have now been looking for over 2 months for the same clocks without any joy. Although my car was made in 99, Skoda themselves tell me in 99 they stopped making this model of clock, they ask me to call back and they shall look into it, but amazingly the parts section is always busy when I call.

I would advise anybody to stay away from Skodas, as I now know several different people with the same or similar problems; this has got to be the worst car and most unreliable car I have ever had. The problems have been from the beginning, which gives me a headache just to think about.