2002 Skoda Octavia ambiente 1.9 tdi 90 from UK and Ireland


Forget the badge, you people out there don't know what you're missing



General Comments:

This car is being used as a taxi. I think this speaks volumes for the build quality of Skoda. I have hired two other Skoda Octavias for this purpose and from a taxi drivers point of view there is no better car on the market.

The fuel economy around town is excellent, averaging 48 mpg.

Reliability is spot on. Absolutely no troubles at all.

Level of trim is generous. (air-con, 6 cd auto-changer, twin airbags, power steering, electric front and rear windows, electric heated mirrors and ABS.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2002

17th Oct 2002, 04:10

So what, every car brand is used as a taxi somewhere in the world, from a Lada until a Mercedes S class.

What is your point?

The only argument could be that the diesel engine uses less fuel than other brands, but you have to keep in mind that you will need new Turbo bearings every 60.000 to 80.000 miles, so in the end it is as expensive (or even more expensive) to run as any other make.

28th Aug 2012, 04:43

What tosh. I've owned an Octavia for the last eight years. One of the best cars I've owned. I am now exchanging it for a newer version with a few more whistles. My other car is a Volvo S80, and I still fight the wife for the Octavia at times.

In those eight years, I have only had to change every day running things (tyres, rear springs, air flow sender). No worries from anything else.

All in all, a great car for money from the VW stable at a lower cost. Don't shout too loud; there won't be enough to go round on the second hand market, as they are hard to get. Taxi lads get to them first.

4th Sep 2012, 17:11

I've had mine for over a year now, and the only thing I've had to spend any money on is a rear wiper, which I bought from a pound shop, and I got a very expensive set of German seat covers (well, they were £45 originally) for £3 from a charity shop!

Long may it all continue.

8th Oct 2012, 06:50

I've owned (and serviced) at least 5 PD engined Octavias, and the "turbo bearings" have never been an issue. Stick to the service intervals, use good quality oil and filters, and they should do 300,000 miles plus before they start to complain.