2003 Skoda Octavia Laurin and Klement 1.8T 150bhp 20V from UK and Ireland


Superb car, brilliant performance, and cheap to buy


Ignition coil failed and required roadside assistance.

Windscreen wipers failed after 500 miles.

General Comments:

Despite the early mechanical problems, the Octavia has been exceptionally reliable.

I chose the top of the range trim with all leather seats, with walnut effect inserts and it really looks the part.

The car drives effortlessly and is extremely comfortable especially on those long runs. Kick the accelerator hard and the car really performs.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2004

6th May 2005, 15:45

I'd be interested to know more about the running costs, and why the reviewer awarded only 5/10 for a car which I would expect to be cheap to run.

13th Jun 2006, 10:43

It's a 1.8 20 valve turbocharged petrol engine, rated at 150 BHP. That's why it has a 5/10 rating for economy. My Octavia Estate 1.8T Elegance averages about 36MPG. It is a high performance engine, hence the score!

2003 Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.9TD from UK and Ireland


A really super car, well priced, quick and economical.


In nearly a year the only defect has been the rear screen washer. This stopped working and water leaked from under the tail-gate cover, indicating a pipe off or broken. This was fixed under the warranty without fuss.

General Comments:

This car is quick and economic, miles per gallon average out at 52 mpg. This is the true figure, not that from the trip computer which is optimistic by around 2%.

The climate control ensures comfort in all weather conditions and there is an electric sunroof, if the need for natural sunlight is felt.

At first the seats appear very hard, this is a Germanic trait, but one soon gets used to this and on longer journeys the firm seats actually add to comfort.

The instruments are very clear and controls fall easily to touch. The panel light is adjustable and there is a headlamp level control. The only drawback is the heater is poorly sited, not too much of a problem once you can remember where the controls are. Because the system is largely automatic the settings can be entered and forgotten, anyhow. The cigarette lighter point is also poorly sited and the left hand has to reach back to activate it.

The six Cd magazine works well and the sound from the 8 speaker stereo is superb. Automatic volume for speed differences is standard and is a 'set and forget' item.

Speed and handing are excellent, this car will out accelerate many petrol cars and cruises effortlessly at motorway speed. On a run 60 to the gallon is easily achievable, making it the most economic car I have owned.

The service interval, using fully synthetic oil, is 30,000 miles. This is the one aspect I am doubtful of, such a long service interval encourages neglect, in my opinion.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2004

19th Oct 2004, 05:40

I agree with you about that long service interval, it MAY be OK if you cover 30k miles in under a year, but otherwise it's a trick by manufacturers to pretend to be offering value. I always have an oil and filter change (use synthetic it is better) every six months on my cars regardless. Use your dealer to do the changes to avoid warranty quibbles, the car will run better and be more fuel efficient.

14th Feb 2005, 22:31

Don't be fooled by the service interval claim of 30,000 miles. the norm is that the car will call for a service around 20k and is certainly unlikely to exceed 21 or 22k. - very much depends on driving conditions. However, i gather that the condition of the oil is a significant factor for the sensors so I guess that an interim change at 10k - 15k could fool the computer into delaying the service call so you get the claimed 30k - Haven't put it to the test though. I have had my Octavia 18 months and its proved itself to be a really good car.