2003 Skoda Octavia Ambient 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Excellent, except for the rattles


Seat belt receiver failed at 30000 miles.

Master cylinder (brakes) failed at 31000 miles, both issues resolved by dealer at no cost.

An annoying rattle has developed at 37000 miles inside both rear doors and is intermittent in the drivers door.

General Comments:

Perfect except for the rattling doors. It is making the car unpleasant to drive even on good roads. Every possible action was taken by both myself and the dealer to try and cure the problem including, adjusting the receivers, lubricating the door seals, removing and stripping down the doors, but to no avail. The suspension was also examined. If anyone has a cure for this I would be over the moon.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2006

19th Sep 2006, 12:29

I have a Skoda Octavia 2 estate, and the rattling doors are driving me round the bend too! I have spoke to the dealer, and Skoda are aware of the problem, and the cure is to have some newly revised seals fitted which apparenly stop the noises. I would suggest you contact the dealer as they should know about the revised part being available.

2003 Skoda Octavia Laurin & Klement (Hatch) 1.9 TdiPD 130 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic...I picked up a new 2005 Octavia Laurin and Klement Tdi on 20 Dec 05 and its amazing


It needed a rocker cover gasket at 68000. I didn't even know there was an oil leak, but the dealer picked it up during a service and it was all done under warranty. Other than that it was routine servicing (laughably little required), 4 tyres and absolutely nothing else.

General Comments:

The car was collected new in Dec 03 and has completed almost 80000 miles in exactly 24 months. Many motorway miles, but also a high proportion of urban and "A" roads also. The car was subject to variable service intervals based on the sensed operating profile of the vehicle, this resulted in an average 23000 between services. Performance and economy improved initially and then remained constant for the remainder of the time in ownership. Economy rarely averaged less than 50 from full to empty; and performance was simply amazing (ask the driver of the Jaguar S Type who found he was slightly slower from 30 to 110mph!! on a private airfield obviously). There is so much torque that putting it onto the road can be a problem (what would one of these be like with four wheel drive?). The level of standard equipment is epic; I kept thinking back to my old Lexus LS400 which was hugely expensive, but had not much more in the way of equipment (and was much less satisfying to drive). I had a look at countless cars (BMW, Merc, Honda, Volvo, Mazda, VW, Audi) when the time came to change, but nothing could match the value and spec of the Octavia.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2005

17th Jan 2006, 12:53

Like most of your reviewers, I have been delighted by the style, performance and economy of my 2003-reg Lauren and Klement Octavia 1.9Tdi. saloon to date.

However, four days after the warranty expired, I have been told by my Skoda main dealer that with fewer than 32,000 miles on the clock, all four brake discs are badly corroded and will shortly need replacing.

When I expressed surprise that the discs need replacing on such a low mileage (and some dismay at the prospect of a bill for approx £400), I was told that this was unexceptional.

If this is correct, it does little to explain the popularity of the Octavia among taxi drivers. Have other owners had to replace all the discs on this sort of mileage?

25th Jan 2006, 02:28

My first Skoda was the bomb as it kept blowing up parts, it took 4 months for them to sort it and never gave a days worth of problems after that. Still, it’s not that good.

I went through a series of cars after that Citroen and they all served me well with only minor problems. Than I did the big bad thing, I got a BMW which was the worst car I have ever owned. 8 months later I trade it in on a Skoda (Octi) at a massive loss. The Skoda served me well for 3 years (now 140 000 Km) and today I went to pick up another one and what a treat the deal was - it depreciated with 47%, leaving me with a good deposit for the new one. It took my big grand BMW 8 months to lose 35%, hell 12% is not that much considering it cost 1/2 of what I paid for the BMW.

Bash the Skoda all you like it, is still the best value in a car I have ever had.