2004 Skoda Octavia vRS 1.8 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


An absolute bargain


Nothing so far - just got it.

General Comments:

I’ve just traded in my Nissan Almera GTi for a one owner 2 year old Octavia vRS, and boy, am I happy!

This car has exceeded my expectations in just about every area.

Great refinement – the engine is quiet, build quality is very good and the ride is firm, but not harsh.

I’d have preferred less of the light grey carpet, but the cabin is a very nice place to be in for my daily commute.

Looks like I’m going to get an average 35mpg on the motorway.

Performance is very good, more than adequate for all, but real racers. There’s a little bit of turbo lag below 2,500 rpm, but otherwise the pick-up is quick and strong.

The steering could do with more feel, and the car just doesn’t have the nimbleness of my Almera nor my wife’s 1997 Primera Si. For me though, it’s perfectly adequate given the nature of most of my driving.

All in all, I think these cars are a bargain at today’s prices (Jan 2007). Go and try one.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2007

21st Feb 2009, 10:22

Well it's a couple of years on and the car has now done 86000 miles.

I've had two problems in that time. The first one was trivial - the rear wash wipe stopped working because a hose in the boot came loose - fixed that one myself. The second one was a faulty thermostat - cost me £150. Otherwise trouble free. Have just been told some of the front suspension components need replacing (bushings and roll bar) - I believe this is fairly common for these cars. I'm still on the original exhaust. I've got 30000+ miles out of the tyres (Continental).

I'm still very happy with it, although I hanker after some better handling when I get off the motorway - thinking of giving this car to my wife and buying a BMW coupe for myself.

BTW - I should have put a smiley on my original review - I must have missed the option to specify.

21st Feb 2009, 22:13

That's a pretty good run. I routinely replace my thermostat when I drain and replenish the coolant of any car I have every 40,000 km/2-3 years. Thermostats are cheap enough, and modern cars do not take very well to overheating for any reason. I replace my water pumps routinely at 80,000 km/4-5 years plus the thermostat while draining the coolant.

Glad to hear the car has been good to you.

2004 Skoda Octavia Ambiente 1.9 PdTdi from Hungary


Elegant cruiser


Audio-LCD problems, service changed the whole device, happened within the guarantee period.

General Comments:

This car is the perfect family cruiser. Comfortable in the front, there is enough space for the legs and heads in the back. It has also a huge boot.

1,9PdTdi runs well, drinks 6 liters/100 km.

You have to be patient, the transmission needs time for abrasion. I have been using this car for 2 years, shifting is now perfect.

Don't buy it without back windscreen wiper and parking assistance, the rear-lookout is quiet limited!

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Review Date: 4th September, 2006

2004 Skoda Octavia Estate Ambient 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Uncomfortable seats mean you will not enjoy short trips - long journeys are out of the question


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Performance is adequate for a 1.6 engine and economy is reasonable. However, my Toyota 2 litre Carina - which I still also use - is returning 37 MPG on mixed motoring - has far superior performance - especially torque - and much more comfortable seats at least in the front. The Toyota has never failed me in the two years I have owned it, and the build quality is excellent.

But back to the Skoda - the seat backs are extremely uncomfortable and the gear change rubbery and sometimes obstructive - the Toyota gearchange in comparison feels very positive and precise.

The Skoda though does have a more supple ride quality - but the seat comfort badly compromises this car.

My preference is the Toyota - and although now 10 years old and would be regarded as a banger, it still looks good and delivers the goods in every other area.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2006