2011 Skoda Octavia Ambiente Combi 1.6 TDI from UK and Ireland


Big inside, small outside, comfy and frugal



General Comments:

Bought the car new as part of the Irish scrappage scheme. The dealer was very good, and I got a great deal.

The car is very light on diesel. On a mixed cycle, I am getting 100km for about 4.9 litres. Long distance driving, it can go as low as 3.8. City averages about 5.3. The engine has lots of torque, so while the top speed is not great, it gets there quickly, and pulls well in all gears.

Softer sprung than its Golf/Leon equivalent, but it rides the bumps well, and is very comfortable.

I got the Black/Grey interior, so the inside is nice and light. The boot is huge, and well shaped. Plenty of cubby holes in the cab. Seats are very comfy, and the standard air con is good. The built in Bluetooth works well with my Android phone, and worked well with an iPhone.

The dealer has been very good, until the warranty ran out. Service costs have jumped a bit, but I am now servicing it in a local garage, so the costs have come back down. Insurance costs are also low.

Overall, I'm a very happy customer, and would recommend this car to any family.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2013