2011 Skoda Octavia Elegance Estate 2.0 TDi from UK and Ireland


Economical, good car


Beyond replacement of expected consumables, this Octavia gave no major problems used as a taxi. Drive carefully and service it on time for reliability.

General Comments:

A bit rough and unrefined, but these Octavia's are popular as taxis and it is easy to see why - very economical to run. Cheap tax, insurance, and good on diesel.

2.0 TDi is the one to go for, power and economy. Not a fun car to drive, but not bad either.

Interior of this estate car is spacious and comfortable, but there is a bit too much road and engine noise. You really notice it on the road for hours each day. But the seats are comfy and this Elegance model has the lot, plenty of equipment.

Overall just a nice economy car, hard to say anything negative about it.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2023

2011 Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.6 TDi from UK and Ireland


Sometimes expensive, but most of the time worth it


Shocks, springs, brake disc and pads. Wheel bearing replaced driver side. Wear and tear for age and mileage.

Bonnet release broke, easy fix though.

Air con weak but works.

More expensive faults were the injectors failed twice. Injector No.1 then No.4 a few years later. Over £500 to fix each time. Ouch.

Kept the car serviced and changed cambelt, engine and gearbox were pretty reliable, no noises or leaks.

General Comments:

A dull but fairly dependable car is how I would describe this Octavia. Bought used back in 2019, a few expensive repairs aside, I suppose it has been OK.

1.6 TDi is noisy and slow. But you will get a genuine 60 mpg or more on average. Cheap to tax and insure as well.

The car handles OK. Not bad to drive, not exciting either.

Elegance model is near top of range, has full electrics and air con. Nice alloy wheels. Smart looking car. Refinement is average, some road and wind noise, but the ride is comfortable enough.

If you want a spacious and dependable car, take a look at the Octavia. Buy a nice low mileage car with full history and you should be OK for a few years.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2023

2nd May 2023, 06:32

There are 6 other reviews very similar on the 1.6TDI from the UK.

1st Nov 2023, 00:53

I'd say they are worth it though. The 1.6 TDi engine for all its reliability concerns, is soo economical (genuine 60 + mpg if you drive carefully); if you find a garage that can take care of it for a reasonable price, it is not a concern.

However the older 1.9 TDi or newer 2.0 TDi engines in these cars are a much better choice.

2011 Skoda Octavia SE 1.6 TDi from UK and Ireland


Dull but reliable enough


Maintenance and mechanical - renewed cambelt and water pump. New brakes all round.

Air con not as good as it was upon purchase.

"Check engine" light came on but went away on its own, mechanic could not find any faults after diagnosis. Has been running a little rough but OK when it heats up.

Rear electric window jammed.

General Comments:

A fine family car for economy, this Octavia has been good for me so far over the past 5 years or so.

SE model has electric windows and A/C. Comfortable seats, nice interior. I like the look of this car outside as well in silver with standard Skoda alloy wheels.

1.6 TDi is nothing special to drive but is economical.

A pretty generic dull car, but nothing to dislike, it is older now but still soldiers on.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2023

2011 Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.6 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Popular car that does everything very well


Diesel injector problems (expensive, over £500 to fix).

ABS sensors (£160).

Brakes, suspension, all the expected consumables have been replaced at various services / MOT's.

Air con a bit weaker now.

Bonnet release handle broke off, real pain to get back on, but no big deal.

I keep the car serviced on time and had the timing belt changed (£300). Cosmetically the car is looking a bit rough, but it is now 11 years old.

General Comments:

My grey Octavia 1.6 TDi CR (common rail) Elegance has been my daily driver for a while now and has been an excellent vehicle.

When I bought the car I had heard of the car's legendary popularity and reliability as a taxi, and that influenced my purchase. For the most part the car did not disappoint, however I have had my fair share of running costs and problems as you would get with any car as the age and miles rise (see above faults); however apart from that injector problem, I would say the car has been very reliable. Skoda dealer has been OK with me, but since the car is getting much older, you are better finding a local independent garage for your servicing and repairs, it will be cheaper.

The 1.6 diesel engine is a good one, performance is only fair however. But you will average 60 mpg. I would recommend the old 1.9 diesel or later 2.0 diesel - they do close to 60 mpg as well and have much better performance. If fuel consumption is a concern however, then there is a "GreenLine" 1.6 diesel, that can do more than 60 mpg, but I bet it will be slow. Tax and insurance are also very reasonable - it is the repair costs you have to watch out for with this car, so only buy a looked after car with full history. I have heard the petrol engines are also reliable, but obviously not as good on fuel.

Elegance spec is the one to have - near top of range. The only thing this does not have is heated seats and leather. I believe the top "Laurin and Klement" model has those, but you can get those as an option on the Elegance also. I find my car has enough electronic equipment. Spacious also. Climate control is a bit fiddly and honestly would prefer a simpler system. But try and avoid "S" spec cars, those are lower range and you do not get much. General refinement leaves a lot to be desired - the car is a little bit too noisy sometimes (wind and tyre noise) despite the comfortable seats and equipment levels; it is the only thing that ruins an otherwise pleasant car to be in. Suspension can be a bit crashy and jerky as well, no matter how smooth you drive.

Overall this has been a good car. It is not exciting to drive or anything that will stand out, but if you want a generally reliable practical family car and only have a few grand to spend, check out this face-lifted 2009 - 2012 Octavia.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2022