28th Apr 2003, 09:23

Hi. Glad to know this forum to discuss Skoda cars. I've just bought a Skoda Octavia Ambiente and I am really pleased with the handling and comfort that I cannot find in Japanese car in the same category. Although this car is slow during acceleration, but when it is at 60-80km/hr, there is no stopping it as it can rev happily to 120-150km/hr with ease. The stability is excellent and the car is very safe. Looking forward to hearing fellow Skoda drivers to share some views on this car.

18th May 2003, 00:59

Hi, Skoda fans. I am new and impress with Skoda cars. I recently purchased a Ambiente and waiting for the COE bidding. Really wondering the actual fuel consumption of this 1.6 auto.

Anyone knows and web sites/forum/places where happy Skoda people gather? please e-mail me at alvinmarklim@hotmail.com


2nd Nov 2004, 01:08

Hi there! I want to send my Skoda Fabia for oil servicing. Can somebody recommend me a workshop or agent other than Czech Auto? Please email me at elronsa@yahoo.com.. thanks:p.

21st Jun 2005, 12:19

Greetings fellow Octavia lovers.

My name is Ezz, I'm Egyptian and a geologist by profession. I own a 1998 Octavia SLX 20v, bought used over two years ago, current mileage is 40,000 km. I'm extremely happy with the sophistication of the twin cam 20 valve engine layout, the performance and comfort. Not that impressed by reliability though. I've already replaced the air mass sensor, a holed AC coil and the front door lock cables. An electric quirk that no one was able to diagnose exists since I bought the car. When I put on a high electric load like the high beams or flash, the engine hesitates very badly for a second or two like its being fuel starved, then all is normal, even if I keep using the high beams or flash. After a little while the same cycle happens again. Any ideas??


Ezz El Sherbiny.

19th Nov 2006, 07:51

Hi Wei here.

I am so happy that I found this forum. I am thinking to get a Skoda Octavia 1.6 Tour A4. I really would like to get some inputs and suggestions on this car. Is this really a good car to buy? I used to drive an European car and I feel Skoda will make a very good car for me and it is worth the money. May I know what will be the greatest hiccups for this car and is it true that I will have a lots of problem in selling this car in the future? What about the maintenance and oil consumption? Your input is greatly appreciated. You can email me to poowei23@yahoo.com

Thank you soooooooooo much.