30th Dec 2006, 04:54

My 1.9 TDi PD Octavia is now coming up to two years years old and so far has had problems with climate air con. creaking suspension, numerous creaks and rattles from trim that have had to be fixed by removal of the dashboard and have created more creaks and rattles than before! A water leak from the door seal that made the footwell fill with water, and now a faulty windscreen that has become delaminated and needs to be replaced. The car is a great design and very good value for money, but spoilt by build quality issues, I am not sure how I should keep it as it is driving me mad!!!

13th Jan 2007, 04:34

I have a Octavia 1.6 FSI combo. The only problem I had until now is a noise from the air coming inside from the drivers door. I visit the garage and they said that it is a well known problem. I don't have time to repair it (they want to leave it for a half day) but it is not some-think important for me. I am very glad with my car.

10th Feb 2007, 12:51

I am about to own my 3rd Skoda Octavia. Maybe I've been lucky, but I cannot fault them. Great value for money, superb performance and great build quality. The minor faults mentioned by other buyers are common to all makes not just Skodas!.We can all quote a friend or relative who has owned any make you care to mention, which has had faults.

4th Mar 2007, 04:47

Just look around at how many Taxi Drivers are using Skoda's these days. SAY NO MORE!! I use one myself for the job. I totally agree that it is the luck of the draw with cars, no matter what make or model. One thing I will say about buying a Skoda and that is if anything goes wrong, you won't find a more accommodating dealer network willing to oblige. That for me is just as important. No good buying what you think is a good car only to be treated badly when something needs sorting!! Try Ford dealers. Got to be the worst on the planet. And yes I am talking from experience!!

18th Jul 2010, 16:13

I have had a Octavia Elegance 55 plate 2.0 TDI with DSG for 1 year. Bought privately with 80,000 miles 1 prior owner. Previously I had a Vauxhall Omega automatic for 10 years; supremely comfy car, and ours was very reliable, but with 140,000 miles on the clock, it was starting to wear out.

The Skoda feels very solid; difficult to explain, but it feels German i.e. quality. The Elegance model has every extra except leather heated seats, which I must have on my next Octavia, as I am so impressed with this one, I know now that I want another one.

Do get an automatic, they're terrific, just point and go. Sooooo relaxing not to keep thinking about gear changes. It's 6 speed and does 60 ish mpg on motorways. The CD holds 7 CD's and the speaker system is good. I occasionally show off when passengers get in for the first time by putting the DSG into Sport mode and flooring the accelerator - the DSG drops a gear the revs rise and the torque kicks in - a genuine surge forward - love it. The timing belt change cost GBP 340 at a Skoda dealer by prior owner. The Elegance has 16 inch alloys - OK they're Skoda alloys and adequate, but the tyres are quite wide and I have found the handling very good indeed.

The climate control has stopped working, and I am told that I need to get it re-gassed; sounds pretty normal for the number of miles.

The headlights are auto washed after every 5 squirts of the screen washer. The rear washer jet is a bit puny though. There are creaks coming from the front suspension every now and then, but there were creaks from the Omega too at times. I like the leather steering wheel feel and the remote radio controls. I have set a speed warning alarm at 29 mph, and I like the computer settings to check MPG for this journey and another for average mpg over last 2000 miles.

Oh yes the boot is enormous, the Omega was big, this is bigger.

The mpg in city traffic is 35mpg, good for a biggish car - I parked it next to a Toyota Avensis (also 5 years old) and could see the Octi was perhaps 2 inches shorter.

The car has an interior, which is a mix of VW Golf/passat and Audi.

Hope this is informative.

P.s. I hear Taxi drivers rate this car, and particularly this engine.