2006 smart forfour Pulse 1.1 from Switzerland


A stylish but frustrating and even dangerous vehicle to operate


Left CV joint needed replacing (replaced myself).

Needed a wheel alignment (did it myself).

Fuel level sensor malfunctioning.

General Comments:

With only 75 PS / (55kW), this car is on the slow end of the spectrum, but due to its weight, it moves a little quicker than what you would expect & it handles decently.

Rear & forward visibility at the D & A pillars should be a major concern, especially to those considering this as a first car. In such situations I would strongly recommend against it.

The ridiculously placed window switches, incomprehensibly slow changing (often clunky) semi automatic transmission, annoying blinker switch & useless sun visors without so much as the help of tinting across the top of the front windshield, really aggravate anybody who has been driving different makes of automobiles for any period of time.

In the winter, the door latches can also jam on you so that your doors won't stay shut!

All in all, I would recommend the 1.3L 95 PS engine compared to the 1.1 75 PS engine, due to its slightly better fuel economy and power, but if the 75 is the only model you can find, it's not that bad for 75HP. I have driven slower cars. This however is the slowest I have ever owned, & it was given to me. For others that are interested in the forfour, I would recommend you look into the Mitsubishi Colt from the same year, which was built on the same platform. While it doesn't have the same funky styling, it's performance & fuel figures are similar plus Mitsubishi had the good sense not to make the same mistakes to the sun visor, window tinting and power window switch placement.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2012

4th Feb 2015, 12:25

Interesting that you have the door-not-closing issue in winter - on my Forfour it was generally a problem in warmer weather due to expansion of the components in the door lock mechanism. A very annoying problem!

2005 smart forfour Pulse - Black Edition 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Recommend as a first car for every driver out there!


I have not had one thing go wrong with the car since I left the showroom.

Excellent car, can't believe they stopped making them!

General Comments:

Handles well.


Cheap to run/insure.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2008

2006 smart forfour 1.0 from Switzerland


Great car. Really impressive


Nothing. Most reliable car I have owned. Ever.

General Comments:

Very reliable. Roomy for four 6 foot passengers. Cheap to run, insure and fix.

This car was bought purely as a local runabout. The main family car is a Mercedes A-Class. The Smart's more reliable, burning half the gas.

It handles like a Porsche. It seemingly begs to be thrashed. Minimal body roll. Sports car like suspension. Twice I inadvertently put it into a four wheel skid taking corners too fast. The car was completely control-able. Very impressive. The 1.0 litre, 64hp three cylinder screams like an old Fiat.

When you are done driving like a maniac, you can load the car with kids and be a responsible adult. The car has very quick steering and very effective brakes. It is very easy to park due to its short wheelbase.

I have loaded up the car with four adults six feet tall, and been able to cruise at 130km an hour effortlessly. Fuel consumption is also impressive. It costs me roughly GBP30 every two weeks.

Great visibility.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2008

18th Mar 2011, 08:38

Here's an update in March 2011. The car has 64,000km on it, and it continues to be a very reliable car. Annual servicing cost is an average of $300. Well engineered car.

2005 smart forfour Pulse 1.3 from Switzerland


This is a good, fun-to-drive car, why didn't it sell better?



General Comments:

My wife bought this car to replace her original smart for two when we had a second child. There are contrasts and similarities between these two cars from smart:

Similarities are that both cars have character, often lacking in modern cars although I admit with smart it can be a love it or loathe it experience. Both cars are also surprisingly practical for their size. The forfour can easily seat four adults and the back seat slides to trade leg room with boot space. Quality seems good and the plastic bodywork is resistant to scrapes and dings picked up in car parks. Interior layout is also stylish and more interesting than many other super minis.

Contrasts: The forfour handles like it is on rails. We have the 1.3 - not the sporty brabus model, but the lively Mitsubishi sourced engine and low weight make it great fun to drive. The old ForTwo handled very poorly and once out of town was a disaster. In winter I would even say it was dangerous. The ForFour is amazing in comparison. The gearbox of our ForFour is an automated manual, but is quicker and less jerky than the original forTwo plus it has a creep mode which makes town stop-start driving more responsive than with the old forTwo. Makes a good compromise between manual control (in tiptronic mode) and a true automatic. Motorway driving is also possible and comfortable in the forFour.

In general we really like this car.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2008

2005 smart forfour Passion 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Try one and buy one.. it's brilliant!


Absolutely nothing!

General Comments:

This is a great little car! It has an individuality and character missing from more mainstream and run of the mill small hatchbacks.

The performance from the little 3 cylinder engine is very impressive, helped no doubt by the light weight of the car. It has a very addictive engine note too.

This car comes packed with kit... all round disc brakes with ABS and esp, traction control (yes on a 1.1!) air con, electric power steering, alloys, panoramic roof and the list goes on!

The two colour mix of a silver 'Tridion' frame and flame red 'plastic' body panels looks very distinctive and stylish. The interior too is a very pleasant place to spend time.

It really puts a smile on my face every time I drive it, and it has a high 'cool' factor, with people often asking what it is and what it's like to own/drive.

I am nonplussed as to why a) it didn't sell better b) MB/DC pulled the plug. Try one and buy one... I did and I LOVE IT!

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Review Date: 11th May, 2007