5th Mar 2010, 11:38

I love my "Not So Smart for two", except for the fuel mileage, which is between 28-35 mpg, to the point that it shows black in the tail pipe, and this has a gas engine, not a diesel engine. The dealer and field rep have 101 excuses, they keep telling me the car has conditions -- da -- doesn't every car have conditions, and also that I am filling up my gas tank wrong, what do they want me to do, stand on my head when I'm filling it. And I do not get any results to repair this. They keep insisting that there isn't anything wrong with the car.

12th Apr 2010, 12:54

Be happy, american citizens, for not having the diesel engine available in your market, (no more available in our market as well). A friend of mine who happen to work at Mercedes (in Canada) told me somebody had the engine replaced for... $10000!!! Sorry, no typos here.

I also cannot say for 2008s and newer, but older models did not have a drain plug for oil changes, so not many options other than taking it to the dealer for servicing ($$$). They use a "sucking" technique similar to the marine industry.

16th Apr 2010, 22:00

I have owned 2, both CDI (diesel) and enjoyed driving both of them. I don't think of myself as particularly "green" and I don't find the transmission or engine horrible.

The stability program works well in winter. It has saved me from more than one ditch.

It isn't dangerously slow. Some planning in traffic and merging is needed. I believe that's called driving skills. It's faster than a city bus or tractor trailer, so does that make those vehicles too dangerous for the road as well?

I drive to work all week on $10 worth of diesel. I don't take anyone to work with me and I don't miss the back seat either. The smart asks you "how much car do you really need?" 90% of the time it's more than enough. I've got a larger car for those times when the smart is not appropriate.

The only issue I'd make is winter heat. Below -15c the car takes some time to warm. The aux heater helps clean the windshield, but it isn't hot enough to warm the car. Only driving does that. The first 15 minutes can be chilly. Perhaps the gas version warms faster?

All things considered, when I have to go somewhere, if I can use the smart, I do!

25th Feb 2012, 13:39

Don't care about looking green, but I'm more interested in keeping my green.

Yes, the warranty is shameful for us early buyers.

It's really fun to drive compared to conventional cars.