2004 smart roadster from UK and Ireland


Sold my CLK Cabrio, bought this, and have never for a moment regretted it


Absolutely nothing... zip. De nada, nil!!

General Comments:

It's a lot faster than a small car with a peanut for an engine has any right to be... however (and it's a BIG however)... its general nippiness can lead you into overtaking when perhaps you shouldn't, as it runs out of revs very quickly.

The interior seems to be holding up well, and fits me well (6ft), and I find it perfectly comfortable for long and short journeys.

It's not easy to get out of though, if you're older and fatter (like me), as it's low and narrow.

Seems very well made, and I recommend it to anyone who isn't bothered by the impracticality of it, and just wants affordable fun.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2012

2004 smart roadster 0.7 80bhp from UK and Ireland


Nippy, suprisingly quick and good value, which means the pros outweigh the cons


One of the coils had broken, however this wasn't the car's fault, but was due to poor roads.

Soft top stopped working and ended up stuck open; managed to get the thing fixed, but a real pain.

Leaks on the doors, but doesn't happen very often. I believe it's mainly due to not closing the door hard enough or the window completely fully. I also think water might have run down from the wing mirror once the door is opened and pressure is taken off the seal.

General Comments:


Car is surprisingly quick. Usually people ask me is it fast? I usually reply with as quick as an MGF to 60. Then I say with only a 0.7 litre engine, it costs me half as much to get there that quick too.

Handling is amazing. Also I use the car all year round in rain, snow or sunshine. The car has never let me down, and always started first time.

Looks always draw attention from other motorists.

Car is nice to look at, and always brings a smile to the owners face when they see it.

Cheap on fuel.

You always get a wave from other smart roadster users.


Gearbox is a little annoying, especially in semi auto. I like to just leave it in manual and I find it makes driving a lot more relaxing. However, I am now itching to buy something faster with a manual gearbox.

Leaks are always a problem with convertibles. Mine has never had a major leak since I have owned it. However the odd drip now and then happens, but is bearable.

The suspension is stiff, which should be expected from a low convertible.

Servicing is a little tricky. After hiring a mobile mechanic to service the car, I ended up spending 6 hours helping him service the car due to how difficult it can be. My advice is take it to smart for a service; I think it's around 220.00.

Changing bulbs on the car is also a bit of a task. Removing the cover on the front lights requires a bit of skill. They are almost pushed to breaking point with the amount of force needed. Also all the bolts are torx headed, which doesn't help.

Overall, the car has its faults, but owning one in my experience has been a pleasure. I will always fondly remember my smart roadster, even though I'm planning on a new car soon that's even less practical.

My advice is you should consider one if you are looking for a 2 seater sports car and are on a budget. They are fun to drive and cheap to run.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2010

2004 smart roadster 0.7L 3 cylinder turbo petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Beautiful, fun and unique!


High pressure air conditioning pipes cracked. Common problem, so the manufacturer paid for most of the work.

Exterior door handle cable broken, so the handle does not function. Very cheap to fix.

General Comments:

Handles as though it is glued to the road.

Engine isn't the most powerful, but puts a smile on your face.

Cabin feels a bit cheap, but comfortable and surprisingly roomy.

You won't like this car if you are shy - EVERYONE looks at you.

Don't expect to carry more than a small backpack or briefcase in the luggage compartment.

Overall, the most enjoyable and fun car I've ever owned.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2009