2004 smart roadster 0.6 from UK and Ireland


The most fun I've had in ages


Leaking rain water down each door.

Front suspension coil spring corroded.

Radio sometimes losses power.

General Comments:

I am now the fourth owner of this 2004 smart roadster and its got a high 71,000 miles on the clock, but I got it for the bargain price of 2000. So far it’s the best £2000 I've ever spent.

Considering the mileage of the car, I can have appreciation for some of the repair work that is required on the front suspension. For this I don’t mind as the parts are reasonably inexpensive. The water leaks are common from what I hear, but there are a number of web sites that recommend solutions, but I hope that some silicone in the right places will stop this, plus I plan to park the car in the garage over the winter.

For such a small car, it handles like its on rails, the steering is so direct, a friend commented that it steered better than his Alfa. You sit very low down that adds to the excitement. Economy is second to none, okay its not the fastest car out there, but for a 0.6 engine, its faster than a few 1.4’s I’ve drove in the past. The engine does a fine down pushing this very light car through its paces.

This car isn’t for the shy and the styling is a lesson in great achievement in how a budget sports car should look, four years later it can still stop people in their tracks, who look over their shoulder as you zip by.

Be warned, this car is not ideal for use as your main car, storage is very limited, I couldn’t live full time using the semi automatic, and due to its height its not the most elegant car to step out off, but I would recommend one for a Sunday drive in a heartbeat.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2008

2004 smart roadster Coupe 700cc turbo from UK and Ireland




Small leaks, now remedied with new seals.

Paint bubbling around rear boot hinges (seems to be common) but have not got around to mentioning to the dealer!

General Comments:

Reasons I bought the car :

1. Surprising performance from the 700cc turbocharged engine.

2. Great handling characteristics as standard, but I may lower the car because at higher speeds it does not inspire confidence - but still manages to grip to the road!

3. Cheap running costs - group 9 insurance, 50mpg - however needs servicing at 7500miles. Smart specialists only charge £120 for an 'A' service.

4. Creature comforts (esp after a VX220). Heated seats, leather, air con, auto wipers, auto lights, electric roof etc, etc. Be careful though because there are some lower specification models - make sure you know what you are looking at!

5. Looks - guaranteed to turn heads. Always brings a smile to my face.

6. Luggage space - we managed a two week camping trip to France. The front boot can fit a load of stuff in - the coupe boot provides yet more space.

7. Comfort - it looks small (and is!) but with a small engine it leaves more space for driver and passenger. Even managed to fit a 6'5" friend in with no trouble!

Other points.

1. The roof does leak (minor) but I have owned four convertibles and all have leaked. Annual attention to the seals helps.

2. The gearbox - perhaps the biggest failing of the car. But it can be very rewarding once you get to grips with it. Changing down early before a corner is necessary, but ultimately rewarding when you get it right.

3. The interior is a bit plasticky. DC should have invested more in this area!

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Review Date: 6th May, 2006

9th Jun 2006, 04:56

Very satisfactory informations regarding the pros and cons of Smart Roadster. I also own one, my comments would be very similar. One point to emphasize: the overall comment is "excellent" but you wouldn't be buying another car from the same manufacturer seems a bit odd to me.

My additional comment would be: "satisfactory if you are to buy such a small engined car, excellent if you are looking for the toy of your childhood dreams." Sevki Tuncel.

2004 smart roadster Brabus Coupe 101 698 from UK and Ireland


Awesome fun to drive, a nightmare to own


The worst car I have ever owned.

In the garage 7 times in 11 months over 20k miles.

Faults include:

Doors opening randomly,

Engine Management Unit failure (twice),

Rain sensor failed,

Air con failed three times and, worryingly,

A brake fault.

Also the 6k mile service interval is very short by today's standards.

General Comments:

It is quite simply the most fun I have ever had in a car.

It's a roller skate on wheels.

Prepare to laugh out loud every time you find yourself on a B road, to smile when you are on an A road, and to grin and bear it on the motorways.


It's a very comfortable little car. The heated seats are a boon when the roof is down.

The seats are supportive and comfortable over long journeys.

The stereo is rubbish, and even with speaker upgrades still sounds poor with the door panels rattling at the slightest sound of bass.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2005