1998 SsangYong Korando 2.0L diesel from Romania


A good workhorse that doesn't ask much if you give it the oil and diesel it requires every day


One of the injection lines broke up. Ignition let me down in the middle of the winter once...

General Comments:

One of the best rugged jeeps I ever had, and I have two of them, one diesel and one petrol. A SsangYong Korando diesel that rocks, and a less performant Daewoo Korando petrol engine, that engine wise is not that reliable...

SsangYong and Mercedes make better cars...

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Review Date: 20th February, 2016

2012 SsangYong Korando SPR 2.0 turbo common rail diesel from Australia and New Zealand


For the extra $15k, the Mazda or Kia are not worth the extra money, just get a Korando


My first day owning the car; it's the ex demo model from the yard.

Left front stereo speaker hasn't been working - need to take it back tomorrow to get the dealer to fix it. Probably just a wire come loose behind the stereo, so it hasn't affected my opinion of the car.

General Comments:

Plastic everywhere on the dash, front grille etc. Looks nice, but I can tell it's cheaply made. However this can be a good thing with 3D printers becoming more and more common; I can see a market for replacement grilles, door handles and cheap parts to replace the plastic in the Korando.

Nice to drive. It's got 130kw of engine power. Comparable models, such as the Nissan Qashqai that I was also looking at (which is only available in petrol) only have about 100kw of power. It's not for racing, but when I put my foot down it has some pickup. Going up hills is no problem.

I got the AWD model - it has a 4WD lock mode. Apparently it can automatically switch to 2WD mode when it's in AWD mode. I am told this saves fuel from people who have a 2WD/4WD switch.

Leather interior - all the seats are leather. It's quite nice.

It has heaps of little functions that make it nicer to drive:

- Seat warmers.

- Full electric driver's seat.

- Downlights under the wing mirrors, so it lights up around the doors so you can see what you are doing in the dark.

- Factory installed alarm and engine isolator makes the insurance cheaper.

- Bluetooth in the stereo, with a good amount of buttons on the steering wheel.

- You can change the angle of the headlamps from a switch on the dashboard when you have heaps of weight, so you don't blind oncoming drivers.

The trip counter I LOVE. It tells you your diesel usage as you drive, so you can conserve and drive more efficiently. Also does the average fuel usage over the trip, and has a dual odometer for trip 1/2 modes.

Heaps of space in the back seats. You can sit 3 adults in the back no problem - there is also no transmission hub where the rear centre passenger would normally have their feet - it's just nice and flat.

Luggage hooks everywhere.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2014

2006 SsangYong Korando TD 2.9 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


The only thing causing a problem was the central locking, which sometimes would self lock (it has a facility that locks the doors at over 50 kms).

General Comments:

Bought my Ssangyong Korando new in 06. Since then have done 105,000 kms, it's been reliable in all weathers, great to ride in, economical and a very smooth engine. Also tows 2.5 tonnes easily.

A good buy when you take into account the rugged way they build them, and the excellent engine.

I would not buy another Toyota, because I can see now that they are overpriced when compared to Ssangyong value.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2010

23rd May 2016, 13:37

I agree with all you have said, as I have this vehicle and it has done 148000km and is still going strong.

1999 SsangYong Korando KJ 99 3.2i from Australia and New Zealand


Strong, powerful, comfortable 4wd for cheap


Developed an oil leak at 100,000, fixed by tightening several loose sump bolts.

Door locking had a mind of its own, fixed the actuator linkage and it's OK now.

Intermittent wiper can behave strangely, speed (in)sensitive.

Carpets in mine are poor quality, mark easily.

Parts can be expensive, shop around! Some are cheaper at the Mercedes dealers.

General Comments:

Great to drive, quiet and comfortable.

I think it looks great too.

Very smooth and powerful Merc 3.2 24v engine, lots of overtaking /towing power. Good feeling sensitive steering / v small turning circle.

Nicely built, great paint.

Pretty good on dirt roads, but needs tougher suspension, shock absorbers and tyres to get really serious.

Korando videos are on youtube.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2009