1999 SsangYong Korando ILM 3.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


It is a complete piece of crap, never ever buy a SsangYong


It's a complete piece of crap, so please don't buy, and if you've got one, get rid of it...

I bought the car from a second hand dealer in Brisbane, traded in my blown head gasket Toyota Supra, and thought I had got myself a bargain.

The sexy looks just made me fall in love, but 3 days later... I took car to work about 65km away from home - it's long straight 200km/h plus highway; you could almost land a plane on it if you are a good pilot.

The car started to stink like burnt oil and started smoking from the sides. I thought it could be the hand brake, but no it wasn't... it was the stupid rust guard paint the dealer put on the muffler. Now that was the first minor problem excused.

On the way back home the car was going all over the road, just like a blind horse. That was overlapped tyres, that were dealer faulty. There goes my first $750 bucks on the car.. oh I actually forgot the antenna (it makes this stupid irritating and embarrassing noise every time you start or turn off the car).

As I drive along the rough highway cruising at 120km/h, the whole car is shaking or dancing because of the bad factory tyres. You can hear a rattling noise from every inch inside the car.. the driver's side sun visor kept on falling..

At 160000km some electrical fault with a spark plug thingy came up costing $250...

At 162000km a front drive shaft went and it cost me $1700, because you can't get a second hand one.

At 162500km C.C. joints got changed for $490, but that wasn't the noise, it was actually coming from the diff, the "clonk clonk" sound when you try to turn. That was $4000.

General Comments:

I decided to sell the car. I drove it for one more km and it cost me more money...

Finally I got rid of it for less than the half price I paid for... the person who bought it called me 2 days later complaining that the engine is over heating, so I changed the jammed A/C fan..

Worst car I have ever bought in my life. I would not recommend it to anyone.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2006

2nd Jun 2010, 04:24

I had a good experience with the car too, for the price it's a steal. Only problem is it overheats with the A/C on. I had a lotta fun going offroad.

17th Feb 2011, 04:03

"As I drive along the rough highway cruising at 120km/h, the whole car is shaking or dancing cause of the bad factory tyres."

Are you serious? Why are you driving at 120km/h on a rough highway? The speed limit is 100 or 110 anyway. Why don't you drive to the conditions and stop blaming the vehicle for your own failings. It's a wheeled vehicle, not a hovercraft!

13th Oct 2011, 21:01

This 'review' does not ring true - why would a second hand 158,000km vehicle have 'factory fitted tyres'? etc etc.

3rd Jan 2012, 05:01

I agree with you. I have a Korando 3200. I love her. She is beautiful, reliable, comfortable, fast and powerful, and so sexy. I have been driving this car more than 5 years, and I am satisfied. Again I will buy a Korando 3200.

1998 SsangYong Korando gls 2.3 from UK and Ireland


A great car on/off the road


Engine cuts out when your going along.

Hard to re-start.

When it doe's coughs & splutters, clears itself.

Finally cut out & cannot restart.

General Comments:

I love my Korando, but it won't go! Replaced relay, ECRU unit checked & OK, fuses, relays, sensors, filters, petrol pump, leads & battery all OK.

When it's going brilliant.

Comfortable, handles very well.

All in all a great car to drive.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2006

20th Jan 2008, 15:32

Mine is sound will never drive a car agine 4x4 always feel safe king of the road.