7th Mar 2006, 15:04

It is true that when Daewoo took over Ssangyong, the service you got from the dealers was terrible to say the least. However I must leap to the defence of the car itself. I have a 98 Ssangyong Korando 2.9 GLS and I love it to bits.

I have covered over 25,000 miles in a year, mostly towing either a caravan or a trailer with a car on it, and the car has performed superbly.

I get 30+ mpg, no use of oil and a plentiful supply of parts. The owners club is superb and have given me lots of tips of how to squeeze a bit more power from the 100bhp engine. Mine runs at about 120bhp at the moment!

I like the idea of owning something different to everyone else. I get lots of looks in the car and I am often stopped on caravan sites by people wanting to know what it is.

The Daewoo model differs only slightly from the Ssangyong. The major difference is that the Daewoo engine has a turbo which would make all the differece.

Just avoid Daewoo dealers or whatever they are called this week and buy privately. Remember, it's a Mercedes G Wagen underneath so don't worry about the mechanical side, it's bulletproof!

2nd May 2008, 00:10

My friend has a Korando TD 2.9 and we have no idea of the type of amp oil. any suggestions?

8th Nov 2009, 14:36

Hi people,

I am thinking of buying a 2.9 Korando, which reading all the positive feedback sounds great, but can anyone tell me about how it runs on fuel???

22nd Jan 2013, 04:49

Greetings. My SsangYong Korando is also making a ticking noise somewhere in front. Maybe in the engine, I don't know. But the diff is giving me problems now. Can anyone tell me what that ticking noise might be?

This is my email address: a.vanzyl@dundeeprecious.com

Thank you.