2001 SsangYong Musso TD 2.9 turbo diesel from Honduras


A Beautiful Car


The major problem is the manual transmission, it cracks in reverse and is sometimes pretty hard. I hate this.

The clutch also gets stuck if you get the revs too high.

I have ran out of gas twice because the gas light has stopped working properly.

The engine sounds like a dump truck.

General Comments:

This car is magnificent! Except for the minor defects I listed above. If you take care of it and add a few extra accessories you get a very, very good 4X4, in this case it's automatic, which is excellent.

The car has never given me any engine problems, not one. The stereo system is pretty good. It's a very comfortable car (except for the engine noise, it's annoying, I would prefer gas engine). Well, I guess that's about it. I love my car.

Oh, it's pretty fast too, specially for a diesel engine!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2003

8th Jun 2005, 16:51

The car is good except engine sound and the bad agent in Saudi Arabia.

2001 SsangYong Musso TDI Exec. 2.9 TDI from South Africa


Excellent value and performance for a 4x4


Believe it or not. Nothing!!

General Comments:

Later model (my second Musso) do have improvements that made it a serious 4x4 vehicle.

Air-conditioning needs to be improved for better distribution in the cab.

My dealer (Peco in Pretoria) must be the best in the World!

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Review Date: 28th November, 2002

20th Apr 2003, 17:27

I hope that you will reply as I do need a qualified expert to assist me.

I less than three months ago bought a 1998 Musso 2.9 TDI with around 128,000 km on the odometer. I did not buy it from your Dealership although I visisted twice - you had nothing in my price range. I found that the vehicle I purchased had many faults, including oil leaks on the Gearbox and the Engine Sump. I insisted that before Bankfin pay the settlement to the dealer, that they sign and stamp the list of repairs. Including a full service and the repair to the oil leaks. After three weeks the dealer eventually took back the car for repairs. It came back three weeks later, with the oils leaks still in place. Many of the other minor repairs also still not yet done. I was informed that the vehicle had a full service history, but as yet the dealer has not been able to find the Service Booklet for me to check.

When I received the vehicle back the first time I saw no difference. When I received it back the second time the dealer had put 475 km on the odometer and the engine would not cut when switched off. It merely kept on idling. After taking it back, the vehicle now idles for approximately 10 seconds before stalling. After them tap dancing around the issue, they again stated, we should bring the vehicle in for repairs. This after the vehicle was in our possesion 21 days of the first two months.

By last week Thursday, the oil leaks were still there. I put grease on the drive shaft and other necessary areas as they were totally dry. I also put oil into the engine. I did not top up the Gearbox as I do not have the correct tool to do so. I drove probably 150 km on Friday at no more than 110km/hr. Most of the time it was much less as we travelled to Hout Bay. On Saturday around lunch time I returned from a shopping centre. I drove 150 meters from the robot and started slowing for a turn at the next robot. As I put the vehicle into a lower gear I heard a tremendous noise in the engine. I thought the Gearbox had gone, but it sounded more like the engine and further it sounded as though the exhaust had come off. I took the turn and parked the Musso some 70 meters further in a secure area. Only when someone from Hyundai (Somerset West) came past and assisted, he pointed out that the #4 cylinder had gone through the Block. He expects it is the con-rod that went. The oil that came out was pitch black. In fact the oil has been that colour since I received the vehicle. Although the dealer assured me that the vehicle had been serviced. The parts, such as the fuel filter had not been replaced with the 130,000 km (supposed) service. The part was market two days after I bought the vehicle and was still the same part when the con-rod went.

The vehicle has now done 131,000 km. The dealer who sold us the vehicle quickly came to collect the vehicle and took it to their workshop.

I need to know from an expert (I am told you are) what causes this. Is it possibly an inferior vehicle? Is it that the past servicing was not kept up and as such the vehicle took too much strain? If the oil level dropped to less than the required amount, would this have an influence on the con-rods? I know a bit about cars, nothing about 4x4 and even less about turbo charging.

Please help me with your advice. I must sort out in my mind if I made a mistake buying a Musso, or if I made a mistake buying that specific Musso.

Kind regards

Gerald Randall.