2nd Oct 2005, 15:52

You made a mistake buying that particular one - your problems sound like a bad dealer and a bad car. Those engines are highly reliable in the Mercedes Sprinter and are well liked in the UK.


2nd Nov 2005, 02:28

Hi, sad to hear you had such problems with your Musso, but it sounds more like a dealership issue and lack of service of essential components i. e oil changes, which on a diesel, are essential.

I have a 1999 Musso -non turbo- with 87 000km and the only hassle so far has been handbrake adjustments. We live in Zululand where the vehicle 4x4 system is frequently required. I also tow a ski boat with mine and actively use the low range 4x4. The rest of the mechanics are sound. Hope this helps..

4th Jan 2006, 12:38

Hi, I currently have my second 602 TDi Musso. First one was 1996 model which had the alpine turbo and standard leaks on the gearbox when bought. The engine leak was optional...

I now have a 2000 model 602 Tdi Exec and 177000km! So far no leaks and still highly reliable.

I would say your problem would be because of poor service! These 5 cyl Merc engines run off SVO (straight vegetable Oil) - not good for the diesel pump though. The earlier models had the problem with the handbrake and oil leak on transmission because of poor mounting brackets etc. 2000 Ssang Yong redesigned the Musso and sorted out everything.


11th Feb 2006, 09:22

Hi well I`m going to buy a Musso Sport 4x4 fully executive, well I would like you to advice me if it will be a good idea for buying it or not please help me.

Thank you,


18th Oct 2006, 01:50

Hi Ssangyong is very new in Perth, Australia and I am looking at buying the 2004 musso 290 auto 2.9 turbo diesel with 60 000km and don't know a lot about them. I am interested in your view on how reliable they are (body and engine)? And any thing I should check for or ask before buying this car.

Regard Rob.

7th Nov 2010, 04:28

My name's Johan van Jaarsveldt

Email johanvj@excite.com

I have an E320 1997 petrol. It's done 126000 Km, and I have owned it for 5 years now.

Since 67000 Km when I bought it as a used car, it went OK, but has always been heavy on fuel. Lately the engine kept getting hot every time I used it on in town driving, and I noticed a very small water leak out of the water pump. I watched the temp and kept the water level full, but it still got hot. Eventually after waiting 6 weeks and paying R4600, I purchased a new water pump from the agents.

The problem of getting hot did not go away, but I watched it, and did not allow it to go into the red. I was still driving on the motorway when it developed an engine knock. When I slowed down, it got worse. The oil pressure light came on and remains on when idling. I'm sure that one of the big end bearings has gone. I have tried to get the sump off, but it's wedged between the power steering and the front diff, and without loosening all the engine mountings and jacking the engine, I'm not sure that I can get the sump off. It looks easier to pull out the engine?

Where can I get a replacement engine? Is there any one in South Africa that can rebuild this one, or supply me with a exchange unit?

18th Aug 2011, 08:37

Hello, I have a very big problem with my SsangYong Musso 2005 turbo diesel, and nobody has been able to fix it. It's a high temperature problem. Please somebody help me.

8th Sep 2012, 15:14

Try replacing the radiator cap on the plastic reservoir.

If the cap doesn't seal properly, the engine will heat up.