2006 SsangYong Musso 290S Sport 2.9 turbo diesel from Singapore


Korean Excellence in a Magnum Size Bottle


Digital Clock not working (Wiring fault - in every Musso on the planet.. there is a fix on the internet)

Aircon is too cold... in Singapore!

General Comments:

This car was bought 1 year old - in storage with 200km on the clock. Bought for $55K (was $70K new) but of course no warranty.

Smooth automatic transmission.

Merecdes Diesel engine very powerful for such a truck.

Once you wind it up - it goes like an express!!

Car not big enough...

So fitted bigger illegal 265/70 R16 tyres on stock steel wheels.

Had to lift up from suspension 4 cm just to clear the tyres when on full lock.. the back also came up 2cm in the adjustment.

Children could not get in.. so fitted steps for $300.

Luggage got wet... so fitting $1800 rear hardtop.

My old Landrover defender was a bigger "bully car"

But this one is so much more refined - and new - and does not leak water.

OK - it is ugly - but fuel economical with low road tax for Singapore... and even tax deductible.

Seems to live up to the New Korean image of reliability...

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Review Date: 13th November, 2007

31st May 2008, 03:51

10,000 km completed.

Very reliable.

Replaced the Battery (since truck was standing for 12 months) before I bought it.

Fitted V-Kool film.

Raised suspension 2.5 inches all round.

Still as refined and smooth as ever.

8th Dec 2008, 08:53

20,000 completed.

Sterling service from this Korean Truck.

Fully reliable except for the CD player and the radio reception.

Just changed brake pads - due to overuse due to enthusiasm for fast driving!!

Very refined auto transmission and noise levels. Better than most estate cars.

Great power and good consumption.

7th Jul 2009, 08:24

33,000 km completed.

Truck running like a dream.

Put on 16x8 Alloy rims plus 285/75R16 jumbo tyres on rear and 265/75 R16 in front.

Massive wheels give a large height advantage above other Mussos and XC90s.

Still great ride and ice cold aircon...

Korean reliability and power at its best!

17th Feb 2015, 18:01

Hi. I'm looking at getting a second hand Musso 05 or 06 model. I've found 1 honest chap who told me his auto transmission has got problems, so must be changed. Any idea on spare part dealers in SG and how much it will cost to get a recon transmission? Also the mileage is 280k km. Extremely high, so the engine must also be reconditioned.

29th Jul 2016, 01:00

I also sold my 3 year old Musso because the auto transmission was just about to need rebuilding. I sold to a dealer.

I did not have the courage to keep the truck. Also the traffic police did not like my 285 rear tyres (supposed to be 235).

I should have just kept the truck and paid Ellipse Auto Transmission to fix it.

In the end I got a massive Toyota SUV - and 5 years later had to rebuild that transmission at Ellipse Auto in Sin Ming.

Be careful - the cost of engine rebuild ($4K) and gearbox rebuild ($3K) is money that you do not get back. Maybe better to scrap the vehicle.