30th Mar 2007, 23:25

Just traded a one year old Holden Adventra on a 2006 Musso Sport 290. So many problems with the Holden that I don't have room to detail them all. Start with a replaced transmission after 6 weeks, new diff and air-conditioning at 11 months, then everything else is minor.

The ride on the Musso is fantastic. It travels well on the highway, and allowing for the higher revs of the four cylinder against a V6 it doesn't have to work hard at it.

Interior features are also comparable; the Adventra doesn't even have a warning light/alarm to indicate a door is ajar or open when the engine is running. Semi-climate control works very well, seating comfort and leg room exceptional.

The only problems found in the past week since we bought our Musso are:

- Yes, the CLOCK. To be replaced.

- Rattles in the dash. Complete dash complex to be replaced

- Valve rattle/jitter on a valve just to the rear of the turbo. Not being a mechanic, I can't give details. It will be replaced.

Overall, I am very pleased. I have previously had a Holden Rodeo as well and was happy enough with it. However, like an earlier writer here, I will not have another Holden, but will DEFINITELY have another Musso.

10th May 2007, 06:34

Ssangyong Musso Twin cab Sports Ute 2005-06 Diesel Turbo intercooled - has anyone experienced the engine missing when stopping in traffic. Feels like a mis-fire, idling rough. Intermittent, and when we take it back to the dealer it never occurs. Dealer can't find problem 'cause the engine management diagnostics doesn't show up this problem. It's really frustrating and questioning my decision to buy another Musso

8th Jun 2008, 21:43

G'day all. I have an 05 Musso turbo and I must say what a pleasure it is to own. I wanted a vehicle that would satisfy the needs of my family providing them with a little more in the cab than the others, also it's a hard working vehicle for work purposes, a good two in one vehicle. I have had a minor turbo problem (fixed under warranty) and a little transmission noise again a warranty issue. I would recommend comprehensive parts and labour cover with any vehicle. All round good buy.

18th Feb 2018, 22:04

Have you checked for dirty petrol filter or the petrol itself?