1964 Studebaker Avanti R-1 289 from North America


Mid 60's WOW!!


Oil pressure hose.


General Comments:

63 1/2 Avanti Low one owner miles when I bought. Third Avanti I have owned. Nothing to say other than it is a time capsule just as it was when new. Starts and runs "like a watch".

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 23rd December, 2008

7th Sep 2010, 17:09

It runs like a Studebaker. That's what you say. Here it comes, there it goes. They really don't make cars like the Avanti anymore. And the issue of "Would I buy another car from Studebaker?" is irrelevant since Studebaker exited the car making business over 30 years ago.

3rd Mar 2011, 06:25

Can any real owner comment more on the car? I would like to know how these cars are doing now when they have 50 years of usage on the road. Is it worth it to buy a well preserved Avanti? How is maintenance, etc.? Please write...

5th Jul 2014, 18:29

I'm waiting for them to make a comeback! :)

6th Jul 2014, 16:53

Keep waiting.

As far as buying an Avanti as a daily driver, as impractical as that certainly is, it would make far more sense to buy a restored Avanti II or one of the later iterations from the 1980's - early 90's. Still has most of the original Avanti look with a (more) modern drivetrain and creature comforts.

26th Apr 2019, 07:09

I drive my Avanti2 on a regular basis all of the warm season. It has a Chevy small block and four speed automatic... good stuff, but the Studebaker V8 does just as well, but uses or leaks oil, attention required.

Other than that, I find a good, decent Avanti a very enjoyable car. Quiet (wind whistling apart), comfortable and holding the road beautifully. My 83 gets amazing mileage for a V8, 23-27 MPG.

A classic to use; if taken care of, it will certainly outlive you.