10th Jun 2009, 01:53

I also have owned four Studebaker Hawks. Three were Gran Turismos, and the other one was a 1957 Silver Hawk. They all turned in an honest 20+ miles per gallon (as high as 28 in fact) and all had excellent acceleration. I think my 2008 Buick LaCrosse might handle a bit better, but the Hawks were superior when compared to the competition they had in their day. I currently own a 1962 Gran Turismo with a four speed and four barrel carb, and it is a real performer and a real handler. I think the Gran Turismo Hawk is the most elegant looking car ever produced.

11th Jan 2015, 05:28

I too owned a 62 Hawk 289 4 barrel AND a 56 Golden Hawk. I totally agree that the 62 Hawk GT was good for 120 mph. While I never tried to find out the upper limits of the Golden Hawk (the tires were old, I was a crazy kid - not totally stupid), the torque from the 352 Packard WAS relentless at triple digit speeds. I have owned a 67 Corvette, a 67 Continental convertible, 68 & 70 Olds 442s, and Mustang GTs. I gotta say, I have a very, very soft spot in my heart for those Studebakers. They had balls!

14th Mar 2015, 16:43

I am considering a 62 GT, which has had some mods, but is mostly original and in very nice shape. I love the GTs, but I am a little concerned that they may never appreciate in value, or worse become worthless. I simply don't understand why the GTs do not command more money, as they are a fabulous car in my opinion!

15th Mar 2015, 21:35

If you "love the GTs" then why should you care if they "never appreciate in value" or "become worthless"? Anyway, the only way that would happen is to wreck it or allow it to deteriorate, and even then it would still have parts value!

16th Mar 2015, 17:52

I understand their point. I love a few different cars and plan on keeping them. So pick one that you love and hope it climbs in value at the same time. I love 57 T Birds, but the value has dropped out a lot. I also love 67 Mustang Fastbacks. They are appreciating. I opted for a nice Fastback. I love it and it will only go up with time. It's a keeper anyway.