2019 Subaru Ascent Touring 2.4L H4T from North America


Very reliable and luxurious family hauler


Driver's seat cooling fan motor to be replaced under warranty. Likely bad winding in the motor case.

General Comments:

This SUV has been great for a 6-person family, and the car is very comfortable, easy to own and drive. The adaptive LED headlamps are excellent, the low end torque from the turbo 4 can get you off the line when needed, and the CVT mimics some behavior patterns of an 8 speed automatic. This is the second largest CUV on market behind the Traverse/Enclave twins. We can get a BOB Revolution dual stroller folded and in the bag behind the 3rd row with full operability of the motorized hatch. The hatch has a memory setting so it will not extend into the garage door when engaged and is customizable to the height setting. There are plenty of USB and 120VAC ports. The seating and visibility is excellent. The car has worn very well in the first year of ownership with 4 kids in and out, it still looks showroom fresh. I am a fan of the apparent reliability and durability, especially compared to my last GM product.

My main complaint is that the lighting in the cargo area is poor and requires a manual turn on of the lamp, which looks reminiscent of the old Nissan hardbody truck cab light. There is also no feature to turn off the interior cabin overhead lights (think traditional Off, Door, On switch). The Eyesight can also be oversensitive, opting for potentially engage emergency braking in a nonemergency situation (to which I fault the abhorrent Houstonian for their piss poor driving skills, marred by impatience and a false sense of entitlement).

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Review Date: 19th September, 2019

22nd Sep 2019, 03:26

Good review. Please keep us posted as time goes on :)

15th Oct 2019, 02:29

Isn’t it a little early to comment on reliability, after only 12,000 miles? A car should be expected to make it that far without issue.