18th Sep 2009, 02:50

I want to buy a used Subaru b9 Tribeca ltd 5 passenger, already 100000 km. It that OK or not?

19th Jul 2010, 17:59

Subaru B9 Tribeca, my 2006 7 seater Lmtd has 67000mls on, very happy with everything on this car, except the safety lights mounted below the doors on the skirting, replaced them twice keep burning out.

Handling and fuel economy is good, braking and all features work well. Really the only gripe I have is that you can only buy shocks from Subaru at this stage at $250 per shock, Subaru quotes me $2500 to replace all four shocks...shocking!

Great car go ahead and buy one you will not be disappointed.

24th Nov 2010, 18:53

My wife loves her 2006 B9 with 70,000 miles; not sure why. It is, without a doubt, the worst car I've ever owned (out of about 100, literally). I'm on this site because it's having cooling issues with no explanation. Begins pumping out coolant for no reason. Sometimes runs warm, but not hot. Head gasket? Open to ideas.

Why do I loathe it so? Rides like a stage coach, handles like rock crawler. Room for only 2 adults and a few leprechauns. Can't see out of it: the A pillars are large enough to conceal a truck at intersections and one could easily back over a tree without seeing it. Seats are like a pine bench. Searches for a gear; just won't move, but then screams away at 6K rpm. Lousy gas mileage, etc., etc.

Really, anyone else had mysterious cooling problems?

25th Jun 2012, 18:10

Did you ever get a resolution to this problem? My Tribeca overheats when climbing hills. Also overheats when sitting at stop lights on very hot days.

2nd Oct 2012, 19:48

I just purchased a 2006 Tribeca, and I have only driven it today from the dealer to my home, and I thought it handled well. So far I'm not disappointed.

13th Jun 2015, 08:11

The Tribeca is manufactured in the US.