2013 Subaru BRZ Sport-tech 2.0L from North America


No regrets, love my car



General Comments:

Bought my car in June 2012, was the first one out of the dealership. I do all the maintenance myself, and there hasn't been much to do. Oil changes twice a year, and that's about it. The car has been extremely reliable, I never had the "knocking" that some owners experience. I have driven this car hard as well, it's a solid car.

The car has enough power. It's misleading, but driving it, you really feel like you're flying. The throttle response is instant. A turbo would ruin this car. It handles like a dream. I can take onramps at over 100km/h with no wheel slippage. Even in winter, I just put some weight in the back and with good tires it's no problem at all. Much better than a 2wd truck which I had in the past.

My only complaint is the fact that it takes premium fuel, but I'm averaging 8.2L/100km so it evens itself out.

Even after 5 years, it still turns heads, and I love the looks. Everywhere I go, I take the longest route possible because the journey is so much fun in this car.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2016