1997 Subaru Forester GLS 2.0 boxer petrol from UK and Ireland


Reliable old shed


Rear exhaust needed replacing.

Sunroof stuck open.

Clock didn't work.

Headlining around sunroof hanging down.

General Comments:

Comfy old workhorse!

Bought for £500 and reliable as hell!!

Just needed to stick a new battery in it, and it always started first time, every time.

I won't bother talking about the handling as it rolled like hell through corners, and I nearly span it once on a wet roundabout, assuming all-wheel drive gave me Audi Quattro levels of grip, which it didn't!! To be honest, I think the fact it had winter tyres on the front and normal ones on the back didn't help.

Engine was a bit hesitant when cold, but once warmed up was fine. Again, no point talking performance because it didn't have a lot! Quite a bit of wind noise, but very, very comfy; it ironed out bumps in the road like they weren't there at all!

I never dared to try opening the sunroof again after it stuck open once and I had to coax it shut. From reading online, sunroof problems are common on these.

Anyway, it did exactly what I wanted it to do, which was to take a Great Dane to the fields and back so my main car didn't get dirty!!

I've now sold it to a guy for more than I bought it for, as these things seem really popular on the secondhand market!!

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Review Date: 14th November, 2013

16th Nov 2013, 13:48

Subaru's AWD is FAR superior to Audi's.

Your problem was the tires, NOT the car.

You can't expect to go around corners (in a old, worn out car to boot) with worn tires and think it's going to handle.

9th Jan 2014, 04:30

I had an Audi A4 Quattro last year for winter instead of this Forester; it had budget summer tyres on the front and premium summer tyres on the back. It was a 99 V plate. The Forester had Michelin Snowtrac winter tyres on the front and Bridgestone Duellers on the rear. The Audi was way, way, way, way better then the Forester on handling. I'm not saying would've been better off road, but on, there's no comparison. I'd question you saying Subaru's AWD is better than Audi's Quattro drive, having owned both, and both older models.