2014 Subaru Forester XS Lineartronic 2.0 petrol from Lithuania


Simple, practical, comfortable


None, because it's brand new, but the boot lid is a little tough to close - will go to the dealer for that one.

General Comments:

Since we have had the car for almost a few weeks only, I can't point out very much. For example I have no idea about its real AWD capabilities, reliability, etc. But in general, there are a few things to mention: (but before that, we have to understand, that we're comparing this car in its own segment - because that seems to be the most common mistake, which drives many unnecessary discussions about whether something is "good" or "bad")

1. Engine. Not powerful, but enough for everyday use. Very smooth.

2. CVT. Makes the best out of the engine - economy wise and power wise. Personally I like it. There's a manual mode with 6 virtual gears + a couple of "behaviour" modes either for comfort or sporty driving. The CVT operates smoothly and responsively.

3. Handling. Generally good. Very small turning circle, good maneuverability, easy steering. Very natural I would say.

4. Comfort. Not the Nissan Murano, but a big leap forward from earlier Foresters. Ride is quite soft. Softer than a RAV4 for sure. Seats are OK, front and back, legroom, headroom is good, ergonomics are quite natural. Boot is on the better side also. Visibility all round is great!..

Generally. Definitely feels a Japanese car. Styling, interior, onboard computer functions, etc. If you're considering buying this latest Forester, you have to understand that it's a different car from its competitors (CRV, RAV4, Kuga, Qashqai...). Not only because of its one of a kind symmetrical AWD and boxer engine, but also because of its simplicity and a bit poor options list. Even the high end trim level (XE) doesn't have anything special - the automatic rear gate probably would be its most awesome feature... Or maybe key less entry and push button start.

It's a vehicle to do the job. It's civilized, very easy to use and comfortable, but nothing fancy, nothing high tech.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2014

6th Aug 2014, 20:23

Update after 5000km from the original owner:

Nothing special, maybe a few points worth mentioning:

Real life fuel consumption is around 9.5L/100km.

It could use extra power - the engine + CVT is one of the most smoothest and refined pieces out there, but the performance is really marginal.

It feels bigger than it is and heavier than it is. That's probably because of the relatively soft ride, roomy interior and good visibility. That doesn't mean it's hard to handle - only that it feels bigger and heavier.

No major complaints - it does the job perfectly. However, if you want a trendy, refined and rich in specs midsize SUV, you should look elsewhere.

30th Dec 2014, 23:39

Comment after about 9000km:

The biggest con is probably the engine - it simply lacks torque. If the car is full, or under heavy conditions (hills, snow, etc) the engine has to work at rather high RPM. The 2.0L boxer diesel is much better, but here in Lithuania it only comes with manual, and the 2.0L turbo petrol with 240 BHP comes as premium trim - way too expensive for an average SUV. The CVT is programmed for maximum softness - if you floor it, the RPM doesn't instantly rise to the peak point like in other vehicles - they go to mid level and engine starts accelerating from there - that alone diminishes the potential of this weak engine. If in manual mode - the 6th (last) gear is worthless - it has such a huge ratio - 2000 RPM at 70mph - the car lacks torque so tremendously - it literally doesn't go. And if you're in auto (CVT) mode and going 85-95mph, the revs are kept quite high (and even higher if you encounter some incline or wind) - again due to high wind resistance, the engine lacks torque. So it's not comfortable nor economical to cruise at or over 90mph for sure.

Strong points would be the good AWD system - you're probably never going to use it to its full potential.

All in all, my wife likes it. Simply because it rides smoothly, handles easily, there's good all-round visibility and you sit quite high (seat height is adjustable), and there's plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

2014 Subaru Forester 4 cylinder from North America


Solid basic transportation, good price


Nothing. Too new at only 3100 miles.

General Comments:

Very comfortable compared to the 2006 I traded in. Seats are great with an adjustment on the driver's seat to raise or lower it! This is the fourth generation Forester, and it was designed to compete against the CR-V Honda, RAV 4 Toyota, and Ford Escape. The Forester may not be as refined as the Honda, but the full time AWD and nine inch ground clearance will serve you well if you travel the back roads.

The CVT transmission is similar to the one used in the Outback for the past several years. It is smooth and accelerates smoothly. If you are a performance driver, it is not for you. But then you do not buy a Forester for racing and rapid acceleration!

Interior is much roomier with great headroom. The rear seats have double the floorspace of my 2006. Also, with the rear seats folded down, there is another 22 cubic feet of cargo space over previous models! Wow!

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Review Date: 16th January, 2014

2014 Subaru Forester Premium 2.5i from North America


Overrated and overpriced basic car with good AWD


No major problems yet. The rear hatch doesn't always close and some interior trim fell off, but I was able to reattach it.

General Comments:

A big improvement over the previous model. Very quiet interior, good visibility.

Driver's seat is very uncomfortable and ride is too harsh/firm. The car bounces too much and doesn't feel like it is easy to control at higher speeds, as the steering is too light and is without much feedback.

The CVT transmission has no manual override, and when driving down long hills, you have to rely on the brakes only.

I'll try to update this in few weeks.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2013

5th Aug 2013, 14:46

I think the seats are actually quite comfortable - lots of lumbar support and nice adjustment capabilities. Just play around a bit with the adjustments, and you'll find a comfy position.

5th Oct 2013, 19:14

Always take a long test drive before purchasing something as expensive as a vehicle, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

1st Aug 2015, 01:43

Things like seat comfort, suspension and several others cannot be always clearly noticed in a 10 minutes test drive with the sales man in the passenger seat, and under the emotions of getting a new car.